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WY-P-A being enjoyed at Freedom’s Edge Brewery in Cheyenne…

WY-P-A — What is it and why are people talking so much about it?

Since mid-April, we’ve been including news on WY-P-A on our blogs, and it has appeared in local newspapers and on Facebook. But…what is it? And why is it such a big deal? Here’s our synopsis and why we’re excited:  WY-P-A is a collaboration beer, created through the joint efforts of many of the breweries throughout Wyoming.  There are several breweries in Wyoming, and they all are quite awesome for the same reasons as well as reasons unique to them. There are many things I have learned about beer since we began Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine:  #1 — Beer is an art form. And brewers, with the breweries that they represent, are artists in the purest sense of the word. Just because you can consume their media does not make it any less art, in my book.  #2 — Craft brewing has a following unique to anything else out there, and brewers are a friendly bunch. From my conversations with brewers in a few of Wyoming’s breweries, they’re also friendly with each other. And WY-P-A is a good demonstration of that.

Coming together in Pinedale in mid-April to create WY-P-A

So Wyoming’s breweries came together in mid-April, in Pinedale, and had a weekend of palling around and making a new brew. A brew that they all had a part in — that they all collaborated in. Hence, we have WY-P-A, a pale ale that is a collaboration of all the breweries together. Now THAT’S pretty darn cool, in my opinion. It’s kinda like the best bronze sculptors across Wyoming coming together to all make one massive, amazing sculpture. Or the best painters coming together to create one gigantic mural at once. Cool, right? Absolutely.

On May 14, this past Monday, the breweries across Wyoming opened their taps and all served a portion of this collaborative, super cool effort, this WY-P-A. (I *believe* the word is that it’s still out there, although I heard from Snake River Brewing that it was a-going fast.) On May 14, also, those who dig the craft beer scene headed down to their local Wyoming brewery to sample this effort — so, in effect, a bunch of Wyoming’s citizens collaborated at once to sample a collaboration brew. Again — cool, right? Absolutely.

So in the spirit of this super-cool event, and in the hopes that it continue in the future, we raise a glass and congratulate the Wyoming breweries who put their teamwork into this collaborative brew — and hope that you get to enjoy it too! Click on the link below to check out the slide show of images from those Wyoming breweries that were so kind to share — a little bit of their own WY-P-A excitement, local-style… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0n8DlHAhS8



The Cheyenne International Film Festival is about to begin! May 17-20, enjoy Wyoming productions and independent films. We’re also thrilled to be sponsoring the screening of Wyoming Triumph by KGB Productions in Jackson, Wyoming.  Click here for a trailer of Wyoming Triumph – this action-packed ski film takes viewers on a tour of Wyoming’s skiing destinations and locations.  Definitely one to check out!  Wyoming Triumph will be played as part of the Wyoming Showcase on Friday, May 18.  Also at the Wyoming Showcase, the winner of the Wyoming Film Office’s Short Film Contest will be screened.  This is a night of Wyoming film talent not to be missed!

***If you own a restaurant or other food-based business, we’d love to include you in our specials section! Send us an email at editor@wyolifestyle.com for more information!


JACKSON — Bike to Work Day Followed by Free Grub

May 18 is National Bike to Work Day – please consider riding your bike to work or school to help support a healthy you and a healthy community! And on your way home – stop by the Lexington at Jackson Hole Hotel & Suites (285 N. Cache) – for the… 1st Annual Bike Away From Work Party

3:30p-6:30p $3 Snake River Brewery Beers  Free Hot Dogs

Several of our local bike shops will be there – conducting free bike safety checks —  Friends of Pathways, US Forest Service, Rendezvous Lands Conservancy and other community advocacy groups will be in attendance — The Jackson Hole Historical Museum will be showing videos of bike history and Doug Lowtham will be there with his Penny Farthing bike! Come join the fun – it’s FREE! And child friendly!

LARAMIE – -Lovejoy’s Specials

potato skins Baked potato skins loaded with creamy potato filling, shredded cheddar cheese, bacon and green onion. Served with a side of sour cream. 6.

grilled brat Topped with sauteed onions, mushrooms and sauerkraut and tucked in a bun. Served with your choice of fries, chips and salsa, creamy mashed potatoes, cottage cheese or dinner salad. 8.

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Altitude Chophouse & Brewery Specials

appetizer special Smoked salmon mousse garnished with capers and red onions. Served with crostini. 6.5
pan seared salmon filet Served with a spicy rice featuring four fresh peppers: jalapeno, chipotle, Anaheim and red bell. Finished with a pineapple green onion relish. 15.5
baked flank steak roulade thin flank steak rolled with Asiago artichoke spread, sundried tomatoes, red bell peppers and green onion. Served with roasted Yukon Gold potatoes. 15.
pork loin medallions brushed with garlic butter and grilled. Served with smoked gouda mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus. 14.

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Plan a Ski Movie, and See it Snow!

Well, I did it again. I planned a trip, and it snowed. So if you’re grumpy about the arrival of winter in Wyoming, I’m afraid you have me to blame. It happens every year during bridal fair season, and this year we added presenting ski movies to our list of special events — so henceforth there will be snow. (Sorry.)

For me, though, I LOVE snow!!! A gentleman I know calls me a ‘Wyoming Road Warrior’. I take that as a compliment. My father the Highway Patrolman calls it insane. I think that is part of the definition of ‘Wyoming Road Warrior’ — a little bit of courage and insanity mixed together — and add some 4-wheel drive. 🙂

I left last Friday morning for a 3-day adventure in northwest Wyoming. What an adventure it was, too! I arrived in Jackson and had lunch with my friend Tim Harland, VP of Sales & Marketing for Snake River Brewery in Jackson, and author of our column, “The Beer Made Here”, which takes an educational approach to the life and times of brew in Wyoming. I enjoyed lunch and a tour of the brewery — this business really strives to work in tandem with the community of Jackson, and they have grown by leaps and bounds. (They also make a pretty tasty pulled pork sandwich, although I had to give Tim my fries, it was so filling — it was either that or his story of fried bologna and ketchup sandwiches that made my lose my appetite.) 🙂

While waiting for our Jackson screening of Warren Miller’s “Wintervention” to begin, I went shopping in downtown Jackson. If you’re there, do NOT miss MADE, in Gaslight Alley! I bought a really fun and funky glass ring for $15. Seriously. John, the owner, makes beautiful works of glass art, including Steamboat belt buckles! They are COOL! As always, I enjoyed my time shopping in Jackson — the shopping is where the West meets New York. Always a treat for me!

Our movie screening was decent — the JH High School was very accomodating, and the ski coach, Cody Hansen, was a great help. We had a modest crowd, but it’s a good start to our work there. We’ll be there next year and will look to grow on what we started!

I stayed in the most ADORABLE inn. The Inn on the Creek. Oh my GOSH is all I can say! This inn combines a handful of comfortable yet luxurious rooms that are contained within a quaint stone cottage that overlooks ‘the creek’. My room was the Goldeneye, with a jacuzzi tab and gas fireplace in my bedroom, complete with votive candles! I felt a little guilty about being there by myself — but the jacuzzi tub soak and a good book helped ease that guilt slightly. 🙂 Breakfast was served to my door right on the nose, with my specifications made when I checked in. The staff was so gracious and friendly, and I will definitely put this on my list of repeats. Bravo!!!!!

I hit the road on Saturday morning and headed to Cody by way of Dubois, Riverton, Shoshoni and Thermopolis. My Road Warrior status was challenged slightly as snow was falling on a slick road over Togwotee Pass. The beautiful scenery welcomed me to Dubois, and I was excited to see that the Capitol Christmas Tree Celebration was taking place! I enjoyed meeting members of the tree committee as well as an online friend from the area! It was a fun, short stop!

The rest of my trip was uneventful, and I always love traveling through the Wind River Canyon. What a town Cody is! I had a great time. My hosts highly recommended Cassie’s for supper and brunch Sunday morning, and they were absolutely spot on. I recommend the rotisserie chicken, which was HUGE! For brunch, I had the cream cheese stuffed french toast with berries and whipped creme…it was absolutely enormous and decadent! The Bloody Marys are known as some of the best in town. The atmosphere is very cozy, and the history just oozes from the walls. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable about the menu. The manager is always greeting guests and making sure everyone is well cared for. When I arrived, I was greeted by probably half a dozen employees! The live music was a nice touch for my Saturday night visit, and I can imagine how much fun one can have on their dance floor!

Sunday morning pre-brunch I enjoyed the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. What a gem! I could go on and on about all that I loved…the historical models, the displays, the William Cody antiques and family memorabilia, the Plains Indians exhibit, the Yellowstone displays…just outstanding. Definitely one not to miss! Post-brunch, I took a drive up to the Buffalo Bill Dam (BEAUTIFUL!!!) and stopped in to see the Irma Hotel. Another historical gem not to be missed — built by William Cody and named for his daughter, the hotel celebrated its centennial in 2002. I also had only a moment to explore downtown shops before the Capitol Christmas Tree arrived in Cody, so I popped into Reindeer Ranch on Sheridan Ave. WOW!!! The beautiful Christmas decorations were jaw-dropping. The store is a mixture of historical components and fun holiday decorations. I could have spent a LOT of time in that store!

I felt very privileged to experience the arrival of the tree in Cody. The turn-out was impressive, and the excitement was electric! It was fun to be a part of that energy, even if it was for a brief moment — we had some movies to put on!

Our two screenings of Warren Miller’s “Wintervention” in Cody went over VERY well! The Sleeping Giant Ski Area staff were great at connecting with the public, and the attendees were very supportive of the resort. We had a great turn-out, people had fun, and it was a real joy working with the staff. Tony and the staff of Big Horn Cinema were AWESOME, and extremely accommodating! I’m excited to go back next year!

The drive home was slow, with snow the entire way from Cody to Laramie. Levi waited up for me as always to get home, and we rolled into bed at 3 AM — but it was worth it, it was a GREAT weekend!

Til next time — I’m logging the miles and excited to see where the adventure takes us next!


Kati Hime