Sometimes…it just clicks

I had a fantastic two days of networking in Casper and Cheyenne — thank you to the new friends and fans alike. I enjoyed some beautiful sunshine in Casper Tuesday, followed by an interview by KCWY 13’s Britni McDonald on Wednesday morning (bright and early!). Blew around Casper, flew to Cheyenne (or at least it felt like that with the wind!), and enjoyed some great folks down there as well.

The thing that hit me, as I journeyed through my days, are the real people out there, making Wyoming what it is. These people are not just the business owners and leaders in our community — they’re also the employees, the stay-at-home parents, the teachers, the children, the seniors, the volunteers…all together, I have observed that we share a similar value — we appreciate the value of PEOPLE.

I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank the wonderful people of Wyoming and those who love Wyoming from around the country and the world — you all make what we do so enjoyable. It’s a joy reporting on your lives and communities, but it’s equally a joy getting out there and meeting everyone face-to-face. What a dream job!

We have many new adventures ahead — please stay tuned as we grow…and connect with us! E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, respond to this blog — and let us know why YOU love Wyoming!

‘Til next time — Here’s a shout out to the great people of Wyoming!

Kati Hime, Editor


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Looking for your favorite WY campsites & activities!

We’re polling our readers for your favorite Wyoming campsites and activities! So please, weigh in! Tell us your favorite Wyoming camping spot, and what your favorite activity to do there is… Comment on this blog, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter! See the links below — and enjoy those beautiful WY outdoors!!!

‘Til next time — I’m craving some s’mores… 🙂

Kati Hime



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WY Public Libraries Make A Splash for Summer!

Last night, my children wanted to create with Legos as a family. As we sat there, my daughter creating a pirate ship that was entitled “Backwards Hat Ship” (because all of the crew had backwards hats), it reminded me of the Lego program our Albany County Public Library is offering for the summer…

This thought inspired me to write about our Wyoming public libraries — I have enjoyed browsing through the different websites around the state this morning, getting to know the programs and enjoying the passion of those people who run our public libraries. There’s something for everyone!

Here are links to the 23 Wyoming county public libraries — tell us about your favorite! Comment here, on our Facebook page ( ) or on Twitter, user name: wyolifestylemag

‘Til next time, I am curling up with a good book! (And encourage YOU to curl up with the latest copy of WY Lifestyle Magazine, or WLM as we call it!)

Kati Hime


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Laramie’s hit by Hapi-Ness

Today Laramie Junior High School hosts the Hapi-Ness 5K, a benefit run for local families undergoing extreme obstacles. The run became a Laramie tradition in 1987, when the ninth grade organized the first run in honor of Hapi Patterson, their classmate who died of leukemia that year. Over 30 families have received help with medical bills from Hapi-Ness 5K proceeds since that time. This year, the recipients are two Laramie families, both battling with cancer.

Prizes are given for all ages and categories, and LJHS staff have even pitched in with hand-crafted items to be given away at a drawing after the race.

This annual benefit joins the countless others organized by Wyoming citizens, to benefit others in our state. Post a few of your favorites on this blog, our Facebook page or at Twitter (see below)!

Keep on finding your Hapi-Ness…

Kati Hime, Editor


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WLM Summer 2010 Issue

Welcome to our blog! Blogging is a new adventure for us, so we’d love some feedback — leave us some comments and let us know what you’d like to see…both in our magazine as well as on our blog!

We are dedicated to producing a beautiful publication that represents the diverse culture of Wyoming. We are very excited about our Summer 2010 issue of WLM, (our staff’s pet name for WY Lifestyle Magazine), which was released over two weeks ago! We made some design updates to this our second issue, and are VERY excited with the result.

Please check it out! Click on “View our NEW Summer 2010 Issue” on the home page to pull it up. If you have any difficulties viewing it with Internet Explorer or AOL, please e-mail us at

Thank you for being a fan. We have experienced phenomenal growth and we owe our success to great folks like you!


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