The Life & Times of WLM — The Killer Casper Wasp (Yes, it was a KILLER!!! Quit laughing!) :)

Well, Levi is going to kill me for posting this one…but that’s okay. I rather like our couch, it is comfy to sleep on…hence why he’ll come wake my sorry butt up at 2 AM when I’ve fallen asleep writing an article on that same couch…often times hands still on the keyboard… 🙂

Last weekend Levi & I were in Casper for another Job’s Daughters conference. We arrived a little early and made our way through our distribution points in Casper, dropping off loads of extra copies. (Sadly, this is about as close as we get to a vacation sans babies anymore.) 🙂

As we left Country Charm Gift Shoppe, we began to cross the street. What should come buzzing around my head, then his, and back ahead, but a wasp! One thing you should know about me — I do NOT like wasps. I don’t know why. They’ve never done anything to me — but they seem rather grumpy, and I tend to shy away from grumpy organisms, people, moose and wasps included. 🙂

So I did what my grandma always told me, and that was to stand still. Which I did — in the middle of the street. Levi apparently did not receive my grandma’s memo, as he proceeded to wave at the air in front of the wasp and told me to move OUT of the street, but that childhood lesson was firmly lodged in my brain. I was unable to move. Plus…it LANDED ON ME!!! I resisted the urge to scream and jump around, and then it moved — to Levi, then in my bag of magazines, then in Levi’s bag of magazines, to him, to me, and so on. We ended up going back to the sidewalk after a moment of “It’s on you!” “No, it’s on you!” We put down our bags, and watched it explore their contents before flying off…once we guessed it had left, we picked them up again and kept going…

Once we arrived safely on the other side of the street, wasp nowhere in sight, we breathed a big sigh of relief. THAT was when we looked up — and saw a man in the shop window laughing hysterically at us. And that was when we realized that we probably looked a little silly. (Just a LITTLE.) I really wanted to go in that shop and inform that laughing man of the size of this killer wasp… 🙂

Well, lessons for the day: #1 You’re never too old to be afraid of a wasp. #2 My grandma failed to tell me what I should do if a wasp lands on me in the middle of a downtown street. #3 My husband is truly my knight in shining armor, risking his safety by waving his arms in the air in front of the killer wasp… and #4 I am definitely now sleeping on the couch. 🙂

‘Til next time… I am maintaining that this wasp was GINORMOUS and had a stinger the size of an embroidery needle… 🙂

Kati Hime, Editor