NEWS FROM THE PARKS: Firework Reminder



Reminder of Fireworks Restrictions for Fourth of July

As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, visitors and local residents alike are reminded that fireworks are not permitted in Grand Teton National Park, on the Bridger-Teton National Forest, or in Teton County.  It is essential that everyone comply with this regulation, especially given the warmer temperatures and drying conditions taking place across the greater Jackson Hole area.

Besides the fireworks prohibition on public and county lands, campers are reminded that unattended or abandoned campfires can easily escalate into wildfires; therefore, it is important that all campfires are completely extinguished and cold to the touch before leaving a site. Campers and day users should never leave a fire unattended, and should always be prepared by having a shovel on hand and a water bucket ready for use.

Despite the unusually wet and cool spring this year, abandoned campfires and fireworks can still lead to an unwanted wildfire. As of Wednesday, June 29, at least two human-caused fires have occurred on the Bridger-Teton National Forest and 12 unattended or abandoned campfires were discovered and extinguished by Teton Interagency fire staff and law enforcement officials at forest camp sites.

With the arrival of the annual fire season, area residents and visitors are requested to report a fire or smoke by calling 307.739.3630. For more fire information, please visit

I would add that this fire safety reminder applies to ALL our wilderness areas across Wyoming!  Please be safe and aware of your actions, and always extinguish your fires!

–Kati Hime, Editor


ART IN WY: Lander Art Center NEAT Exhibit


Robert Martinez


TheNative Emerging Artist Training (NEAT) exhibition is scheduled to open July 1, 2011 and run through August 6, 2011.

The NEAT program began in 2009 to help train Native artists from the Wind River Reservation how to enter juried exhibitions and how to market their artwork.

This year, the show consists of young artists from Wyoming Indian Middle School as well as skillful adult artists.

Colleen Friday

Robert Martinez

Colleen Friday


Be sure to visit the Lander Art Center in Lander Wyoming, and support our talented Wyoming artists!

Kati Hime, Editor


LIFE AND TIMES OF WLM: On the Road Again…


Hitting the pavement with Levi in Cody…

The weekend after Memorial Day Weekend Levi and I hit the road for a big distribution trip.  We hit a wide variety of towns on our trip:  Shoshoni, Worland, Thermopolis, Greybull, Cody, Riverton, Lander, Dubois, Jackson (and Wilson and Teton Village) and Pinedale.  WHEW!  It was so much fun — we fight over who gets to do distribution, because it’s the best part of the job:  everyone is so excited to see the new issue, and you get to hit the road and travel through Wyoming — as WORK! Who could ask for anything more?!

The weather was gorgeous and the driving absolutely beautiful.  The scenery was on display for us and we enjoyed the time together thoroughly — it’s hard to find time to get away with your hubby when you’re both engrossed in careers, volunteer activities and family life.  A few notes from the road:

— We rented a truck to haul the gigantic load of magazines that we had (and to keep the miles off our SUV).  We rented through a Laramie company that brings up their vehicles from CO — hence we had a CO license plate on our truck.  I cannot tell you how many times we were asked “You’re from CO?!”  NO!!!  We just had a rented truck!  We joked that we were going to have to make a big sign that says “No, we really ARE from WY” to attach to any rented trucks in the future… 🙂

— Cody has a Dairy Queen.  Why is this important?  Because as a child I grew up with these crazy traveling parents.  (My father truly could have been the inspiration for Clark Griswold. ) There were two rules when we would travel as kids:  #1, eat fast.  My dad would sit there during meals and say “Eat eat eat darn it!  We’re losing time!”  (Levi still can’t stand it when we’re traveling and I’m done eating in 10 minutes.)  Rule #2:  ICE CREAM.  And lots of it.  For some reason my parents’ stomach size triples as soon as they leave Laramie’s city limits.  They eat breakfast — get ice cream — then lunch — then get ice cream — then dinner — then get ice cream again.  Sometimes we’ve been known to see how early the ice cream places open while on vacation.  (Levi (being the one to marry into this crazy family) said to me when we were 20 “I can’t keep up with all this eating!”)  The other thing that you need to know about my parents though is that they are workout fanatics:  my dad is a champion tennis player for the Wyoming old fogies league (don’t tell him I said that), 🙂 and my mom runs five miles a day on average.  So all the eating really doesn’t seem to phase them. But it is a funny story to tell.

ANYWAY, now that I’m an adult I find myself strangely craving ice cream when we’re traveling…and Cody had a Dairy Queen.  I think the other DQ patrons were a little confused by my display of sincere excitement…  There was also a carnival!

— Levi FINALLY got to see Snake River Brewing, and Tim did not eat anything with ketchup.  Tim also did not run into a fire extinguisher while giving us the tour — which was my fault before because he was looking at me, walking and talking. (Or at least he said it was my fault.) 🙂  We had some very enthusiastic guests join us on our tour — I really should have asked them where they were from…  As always, the food was incredible and Levi had a great time.  Thanks, Tim!

— We stayed at the REMARKABLE Bentwood Inn in Wilson.  Absolutely GORGEOUS!  The lodge was breathtaking, the patios and opportunities for relaxation were abundant.  We also had our own in-suite gas fireplace which was a really nice touch.  The breakfast the following morning was delicious:  fresh fruit and french toast with a variety of syrups, including LAVENDER — I never have had the chance to try lavender syrup, but it was really good!  A MUST stay when you’re in the area!  Visit their website for a tour as my photos don’t even begin to do it justice:

By the time we were approaching home, we had discussed our family, our future, the business, the house, split the atom and cured world hunger, AND panned through Levi’s entire ipod twice…we were becoming rather bored.  We began looking at Wyoming license plates as they passed and started coming up with the counties that stood for each number.  We discovered we were lacking on our knowledge in this department, so in case you are too (or are slightly curious), here they are:


1 — Natrona — Casper

2 — Laramie — Cheyenne

3 — Sheridan — Sheridan

4 — Sweetwater — Green River

5 — Albany — Laramie

6 — Carbon — Rawlins

7 — Goshen — Torrington

8 — Platte — Wheatland

9 — Big Horn — Basin

10 — Fremont — Lander

11 — Park — Cody

12 — Lincoln — Kemmerer

13 — Converse — Douglas

14 — Niobrara — Lusk

15 — Hot Springs — Thermopolis

16 — Johnson — Buffalo

17 — Campbell — Gillette

18 — Crook — Sundance

19 — Uinta — Evanston

20 — Washakie — Worland

21 — Weston — Newcastle

22 — Teton — Jackson

23 — Sublette — Pinedale


‘Til Next Time — Hope to see you on the road!

Kati Hime, Editor