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When we were in Casper last Friday, we stopped in at one of Casper’s newest All-American restaurants…the Caddie Shack! Located at the Casper Municipal Golf Course, the restaurant also includes a bar area and a veranda that overlooks both Casper Mountain as well as the greens at the Muni.  We opted for indoor seating since we had our kiddos in tow, and, well, it was late January.  Summer, one of the restaurant’s owners, had promised me their burgers were an experience to be had, and WOW was she right!  Levi and I both chowed down on a flavorful burger that was cooked just to our request, with a nice thick bun that was both unique and filling.  It was a good thing our kids were loving the fries, because they were able to help us finish ours – we were stuffed!  The kids picked hot dogs from the kids’ menu, an item I also noticed on their adult menu as well.  There were many other interesting items, including some tempting salads and soups that would have warmed the cold spot the Wyoming wind had created, but we were feeling rather carnivorous that day.  The Caddie Shack’s burgers do NOT disappoint!

Our server had several tables keeping him busy at once when we arrived, but he still took he time to greet us and invite us to pick a table.  We were able to find a spot with multiple TVs to keep us entertained…golf of course was the channel of choice, which Levi was thrilled with…another screen had Nascar highlights, which kept the kiddos entertained. I noticed on their board that they have a Super Bowl party and other special events coming up — so be sure to stay tuned to their Facebook page and website for more information, as well as their daily specials and yummy soups! Even with the busy atmosphere, our server collected our order and delivered our food in good time.  We always come loaded with special questions when we dine out as we have a few health concerns in our clan — our server was excellent and knowledgeable.  We’re always thankful when a restaurant knows their stuff!

The cool thing about the Caddie Shack is they’re open during the off-season for golfing as well — and they also offer catering services!  For more information, visit their website, Facebook page, or call them at 307-233-6619.  Stop in for lunch and check out their burgers…and see if you can eat a whole one! They are VERY filling!

‘Til Next Time…

Kati Hime, Editor


Our Sister Publications:  Wyovore —  Wyoming Weddings —  WYO XY —