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Images & text courtesy Wyoming Highway Patrol

Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Joel Eldred was involved in a crash near Glenrock on June 30th. Trooper Eldred is a 12 year veteran with the Patrol and is stationed out of Glenrock.

Trooper Eldred was responding emergent to a “shots fired” call in Douglas with both the emergency lights and sirens activated on his Dodge Charger patrol car. While passing eastbound traffic on US 20/26 at mile post 163.63, a 2002 Jeep SUV traveling east turned left into a commercial business driveway in front of the passing patrol car. The Jeep was driven by 49 year old Jamestown, Louisiana resident Robin Belgard. Trooper Eldred applied emergency braking and steered his patrol car into the north ditch to avoid the Jeep. Despite Trooper Eldred’s efforts to avoid a crash, the two vehicles still collided as the patrol car entered the ditch. After entering the ditch, Trooper Eldred’s patrol car rolled a minimum of four times. The Jeep spun around on the highway and came to rest facing west in the westbound lane of US 20/26.

Investigators are crediting Trooper Eldred’s seat belt use, ballistic vest use, vehicle safety design (including airbags) and the patrol car’s prisoner transport safety cage for minimizing the injuries Trooper Eldred sustained from the crash.

Robin Belgard was treated for her injuries and was released from the hospital on June 30th.

Trooper Eldred had attended WHP sponsored training the day before this crash occurred titled Below 100. The Below 100 program is a nationwide training initiative being given to Troopers and other law enforcement agencies in Wyoming to minimize the amount of officer involved deaths across the United States. Wearing your seat belt, wearing your ballistic vest and preparing for traffic to turn left in front of officers during emergency response are three main points emphasized in the Below 100 program.

No citations have been issued from this crash at the time of this update. Trooper Eldred is expected to be discharged from the hospital today (July 1st) and to make a full recovery from his injuries.

Motorists Stranded Due to Accidents


Drift 1 February 2016

From WYDOT & the Wyoming Highway Patrol ... Severe winter weather and multiple crashes resulted in a road closure in both directions on Interstate 80 between Cheyenne and Laramie on Saturday (Feb. 6th) resulting in motorists becoming stranded behind the crashes. The first crash occurred around 2:20 p.m. near mile post 340 eastbound, approximately 20 miles west of Cheyenne, when a commercial truck crashed into a WYDOT snowplow blocking all lanes. Shortly after that crash, all westbound lanes became blocked due to multiple crashes in the same vicinity (mile post 340).

As law enforcement, first responders, WYDOT and tow companies attempted to sort through and clean up the crashes, stranded motorists and their vehicles became drifted over while stopped in traffic due to the crashes. The drifting became so extreme in the 55 mph wind gusts that Troopers began walking through miles of stuck traffic reassuring motorists and making sure they were ventilating their vehicles with fresh air as the snowdrifts began covering their vehicles or plugging exhaust pipes.

Some motorists were not freed from the drifts until 5:00 a.m. the next morning.

The storm was a harsh reminder to always travel prepared during winter driving. The Wyoming Highway Patrol wants to remind everyone when traveling in inclement weather to keep your fuel tanks full, have extra blankets, a shovel, non-perishable food and water that can help you survive an extended time if you become stranded on a highway. Remember to get out and frequently check that your exhaust is not blocked by snow and ice and is able to vent properly to avoid affixation through carbon monoxide poisoning. Be sure to occasionally bring fresh air into the vehicle by opening some widows as well.

Stay resourceful, stay with your vehicle and be sure to keep an eye out for your neighbor  as not everyone will be as prepared as you are.



New App for Wyoming Roads!



From WYDOT …


A new smart phone app for road and travel information has been released by the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).

The Wyoming 511 app provides pre-trip and en route travel information, and can be used to provide location information to friends, family or emergency responders. It is available for most Android and Apple phones.

A map-based feature of the app provides information intended for planning a trip. Users can choose between road conditions and highway cameras. When viewing road conditions, a color-coded system shows pavement conditions and traffic hazards. The highway cameras view provides images from WYDOT’s statewide network of Web cameras.

Future releases of the app will add information about road construction and weather sensors.

The app improves safety for travelers who are already on the road with a “hands free, eyes free” function that speaks incidents and condition reports. Users hear road condition information for the route they are traveling on, and traffic incidents within a user-defined radius.

The app also features a “Where Am I?” function that uses GPS technology to identify the user’s location by route and mile marker as well as latitude and longitude coordinates. The location information provides accuracy down to one-tenth of a mile.

No personally identifiable information is collected by WYDOT through the use of the app.

It is available for free download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.  Search for the Wyoming 511 app, and look for the blue icon with the WYDOT logo on it, or go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=info.wyoroad.mobile.android or https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wyoming-511/id1077881610

Be Careful on Those Highways!

Damage to Trooper Arnell's car, near Evanston, Christmas Day 2015
Damage to Trooper Arnell’s car, near Evanston, Christmas Day 2015

While these two stories happened several days/weeks ago, the new snow and treacherous highway conditions Wyoming is seeing right now are a good reason to bring it out today – please be careful for yourself, and for others out there!

Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Matt Arnell, Evanston
Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Matt Arnell, Evanston

On Christmas Day, 2015 …

A Wyoming State Trooper sustained minor injury after his patrol car was struck on Interstate 80 on Christmas Day. The patrol car was struck around 3:30 p.m. on Dec. 25th approximately 31 miles east of Evanston, Wyoming in snow and ice covered road conditions.

Evanston area Trooper Matt Arnell, a 15 year WHP veteran, was assisting a motorist who had slid off into the median at mile post 36 on I-80 westbound when a Hyundai passenger car lost control and crashed into the rear of Trooper Arnell’s patrol car. Trooper Arnell saw the out of control Hyundai coming at him and was able to prepare for the collision while seated inside of his issued 2012 Dodge Charger patrol car.

The collision pushed Trooper Arnell’s patrol car down into the north ditch. The Hyundai stopped in the middle of the westbound lanes of I-80. After the collision, Trooper Arnell was able to check on the driver of the Hyundai, 20 year old Dakota Anglin of Midvale, Utah, and assisted in getting her out of the vehicle while pushing the Hyundai out of westbound interstate traffic.

Trooper Arnell was evaluated at Evanston Regional Hospital for injury and was released that same day. Trooper Arnell has since returned to full duty.

In 2015, eight WHP patrol cars were struck in similar crashes while Troopers were in the performance of their duties. This crash is a reminder to please slow down on two lane highways and to move over on interstate highways when you are approaching stopped emergency vehicles. It is common courtesy, common sense and the law in Wyoming.

Wyoming Highway Patrol car struck while working accident scene east of Cheyenne, January 8. 2016
Wyoming Highway Patrol car struck while working accident scene east of Cheyenne, January 8. 2016

On January 8, 2016 …

Around 3:00 p.m. on January 8, a Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper was investigating a commercial truck rollover crash and assisting other motorists who had slid into the ditch near mile post 375 on Interstate 80 approximately 11 miles east of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

While the Trooper was out of the patrol car assisting a motorist stuck in the snow, a pickup truck traveling too fast for the ice covered interstate lost control and crashed into the WHP vehicle. Thankfully, no injuries were sustained during the crash.

Even with six other law enforcement vehicles, WYDOT trucks and tow trucks on scene conducting traffic control on the scene after the crash, motorists were still traveling through the crash scene at 65 and 70 mph on the ice.

Secondary crashes into primary crash scenes are one of the biggest hazards first responders face in adverse weather conditions. Once again we are reminding everyone to please slow down on two lane highways and to move over on interstate highways while slowing down when you are approaching stopped emergency vehicles. It is common courtesy, common sense and the law in Wyoming.


Wyoming Highway Patrol’s Shop With a Cop December 22


WHP logo


What a great story!



The Wyoming Highway Patrol Association is sponsoring a WHP “Shop With A Cop” event on December 22nd. 13 children from Cheyenne area elementary schools will be picked up from their respective school by a WHP Trooper, including Colonel Kebin Haller, and taken to the south Cheyenne Walmart at 580 Livingston Avenue (Campstool and College) by patrol vehicle. All Troopers and kids should be at Walmart around 3:55 p.m. on the 22nd. All patrol cars will be parked between the two main entrance doors on the east side of the building.

Each student will get to shop with a Trooper and spend $100 + as they wish. All checkouts will be at register number 12.

Once all the shopping is complete, a group photo will be taken outside in front of the lined up patrol cars. Parents will be at Walmart to pick up their children at the conclusion of the event.

The intent with this event is to provide these children with a little merrier holiday season as well as providing them with a positive experience with law enforcement.

The monetary donation for this event is being provided by the Wyoming Highway Patrol Association (WHPA). The WHPA is a non-profit group whose funding is established through member dues, donations, raffles, magazine advertisements and the WHPA store.  To learn more about the WHPA, please visit www.wystatetrooper.com.

WY Highway Patrol Trooper Injured near Cody


Miears RI (3)



From a two-part release from the Wyoming Highway Patrol…

A Wyoming State Trooper was injured yesterday in a two vehicle crash on US Highway 14/16/20. The crash occurred near mile post 33 at the entrance of the Yellowstone Valley Inn west of Cody, Wyoming at 2:11 p.m. The trooper was traveling east on US 14/16/20. A westbound commercial truck with trailer had slowed to turn left into the Yellowstone Valley Inn. The driver turned left and failed to yield to the eastbound trooper. The trooper utilized emergency braking and swerved right in an attempt to avoid the truck. A head on collision was avoided, but the two vehicles still collided. The trooper involved in yesterday’s two vehicle crash west of Cody was Trooper Rodney Miears who is a five year Patrol veteran stationed out of Cody.

The collision pushed the patrol vehicle into the ditch and pinned the trooper in the patrol vehicle. Motorists did stop to help the trooper, but extrication by the fire department was required to get the trooper out. The trooper has been transported to West Park Hospital in Cody. The trooper’s injuries are not life threatening and the trooper is expected to be released from the hospital today. The driver of the commercial truck

Both Trooper Miears and the commercial driver were wearing their seat belts at the time of the crash. The driver was cited for failing to yield to oncoming traffic while making a left turn.

Trooper Miears was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon and is at home recovering. He is expected to return back to full duty after a few scheduled days off. Thank you to all of the concerned citizens who initially came to Trooper Miears’ aid as well as the Park County Sheriff’s Office, Wyoming State Parks, Cody Fire District and the West Park Ambulance and Hospital staff that responded.


New WHP Troopers

WHP Class 87



















Four new Wyoming State Troopers were sworn in by Chief Justice E. James Burke and commissioned on March 19th at the Wyoming Supreme Court in Cheyenne. These troopers have successfully completed up to 28 weeks of academy training including areas of instruction in traffic law, firearms, impaired driving, crash investigation, custody and control, commercial carrier, child passenger safety, radar/LIDAR use, emergency vehicle operation, active shooter and many others. These troopers will now move onto the field training program out on the highways before they begin patrolling on their own.

Along with family and friends, others present at the ceremony were Wyoming Supreme Court Justices Kate Fox and Michael Davis, Wyoming Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission Director Len Declercq and multiple Wyoming Highway Patrol supervisors, troopers and support staff from around the state including Colonel John Butler. Please join us in congratulating Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Basic 87.

Luke Awtrey, Badge #65, Kemmerer

Nathan Bell, Badge #66, Cheyenne

Nathan Karnes, Badge #175, Jackson

Jared Williams, Badge #192, Newcastle


Front Row L to R: Colonel John Butler and Sergeant Randy Starkey.

Middle Row L to R: Captain Derek Mickelson, Troopers Awtrey and Williams.

Back Row L to R: Sergeant David Wagener, Troopers Karnes and Bell

Sergeant David Wagener

WY & SD Troopers Protect Motorists


Two Agencies. One Goal. — Wyoming & South Dakota Troopers Work Together During this Busy Time of Year

City – Sundance

Troopers from Wyoming and South Dakota met up on August 5th at the Wyoming / South Dakota state line for an informal get together and lunch. With the Sturgis motorcycle rally this week in South Dakota and the popular “Ham and Jam” event in Wyoming today, troopers from both agencies are staying busy with the increased motorcycle traffic in both states. Highway safety is the focus during the events and additional troopers have been sent to the areas to increase visibility and enforcement.

As motorists enjoy the beautiful scenery the two states have to offer, we remind you to please drive and ride safely, wear your seat belts and helmets and to never drive or ride drunk or buzzed.