MADE IN WYOMING: Petit Secret Chocolate

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This week we are featuring Petit Secret Chocolate of Jackson, WY

Laurance Perry, Petit Secret Chocolate  PO Box 6536  Jackson, WY 83002  307-690-7483

Laurance Perry brought to America a love for all things chocolate.  She wanted her two children to experience the same truffle-filled chocolate Easter Eggs she enjoyed growing up in her native Belgium.

Easter is traditionally a time of chocolate in Belgium and children are delighted with large chocolate eggs filled with chocolate goodies. Unable to find something like this here, Laurence took matters into her own hands, purchased a large, hollow egg mold; she melted chocolate and cast her first chocolate eggs. Encouraged, she cast tiny Easter characters and filled the eggs. Wrapped in a white satin bow she showed the eggs to friends and the ensuing demand created a chocolate frenzy; Petit Secret Chocolate (or PS Chocolate) was born in 2002.

With her mother’s help and Belgian chocolate recipes, Laurance created solids in unique shapes and mouthwatering Belgian truffles filled with buttery ganaches.  She soon captured the taste buds of those frequenting the bazaars and farmer’s markets of Jackson Hole where Laurance lives and works. She soon outgrew her kitchen operation and converted a barn on her property into a modern and efficient kitchen and business.

Though she appreciates her new and efficient operation, Laurance still makes her Belgian chocolate the old fashioned way; one at a time.  Each batch is carefully hand-crafted and tested by her impeccable Belgian chocolate background and memories of that perfect chocolate from the old country. Laurence is content to keep her business comfortably small, and leaves the business end to her husband Paul.  She is proud of her two sons, Will and Jack, contributors to PS Chocolate, and occasionally is even a bit surprised they still have a passion for hand-crafted Belgian chocolate.

Petit Secret Chocolate does take custom orders, as well as company logo brands.  They do handcrafted molds to accommodate any request of shapes and sizes from cowboy boots to bears.

PS Chocolate can be purchased via their web site at  The chocolate is truly worth the cost. The chocolates are 100% handcrafted and PS Chocolate does not use any additives or waxes.  These delicious concoctions are 100% Belgian Chocolate.