Wyoming Art & Events in March

Click on the image to connect with Wyoming Bridal Expos to preregister for the Sheridan Wedding & Style Event on February 28!
Click on the image to connect with Wyoming Bridal Expos to preregister for the Sheridan Wedding & Style Event on February 28!


Trailside Galleries in Jackson Presents “Wildlife Discovery”

March 2-29 — Reception March 19, 5-7 PM — 130 E. Broadway Jackson 307.733.3186



Bonnie_Marris_REd_Alert_30_x_48_Oil_195000Trailside Galleries is pleased to present its annual “Wildlife Discovery”, exhibition and sale featuring all new works from an outstanding group of nationally known artists who are inspired to paint all things wild! Jackson is the perfect setting for this show as the area is a virtual Mecca for wildlife enthusiasts including photographers, nature buffs and of course, wildlife artists! Many of the country’s most noted wildlife painters will participate in the event, bringing an eclectic mixture of wildlife and natural subjects from around the world including big game animals from the African savannah, North American mammals, as well as delicate birds and aquatic subjects. While the artists each bring their own unique interpretation of animals to their canvas, they all share a deep commitment to the preservation of wildlife and our natural world.

Participating artists include Bonnie Marris, Jan Martin McGuire, James Morgan, Ralph Oberg, Lindsay Scott, Renso Tamse, Adam Smith, Lori Forest, Sarah Woods and Dustin Van Wechel among others.

Wildlife art continues to be one of the most collected genres of art in the country. Given the heightened awareness of global warming and fragile ecosystems, the genre seems to have taken on a whole new dimension, as the artists strive not only to create an esthetically pleasing image, but to have it serve as an educational tool to bring more awareness to preservation.

Aaron Wuerker Poster 2015

Sheridan:  Aaron Wuerker: Recent Landscapes; March 3-31, Artist’s Reception: March 6, 5-7pm at the Sagebrush Art Center’s Invitational Gallery

Sagebrush Art Center is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Aaron Wuerker of Buffalo, WY.  “Aaron Wuerker: Recent Landscapes,” will hang March 3-31 in the Sagebrush Community Art Center’s Invitational Gallery, located in the Historic train depot at 201 E. 5th St. in Sheridan.    The public is invited to attend the Artist’s Reception on March 6th, from 5-7 PM.

Wuerker earned a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute in 1992 and an MFA from Yale University in 1995.  He and his wife Jenny, also a renowned artist, own the Crazy Woman Fine Art Gallery of Buffalo, WY.  Wuerker states: “My work has continually returned to a realist vision of the landscape: I’m usually drawn to compositions where mechanized forms either mimic or contrast with the natural forms in the land.”

Hours for the Sagebrush Community Art Center are Tuesday through Saturday, 10-5 PM.  See our updated website at www.artinsheridan.com, or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Sagebrushartcenter.  This project is supported in part by a grant from the Wyoming Arts Council, through funding from the Wyoming State Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Lander:  March Youth Art Month Celebrated at Lander Art Center



In celebration of March’s Youth Art Month, the Lander Art Center will once again host Lander Valley High School and Middle School Select Art Show opening next Friday, March 6th. This exhibition displays selected works by local youth artists in a wide range of art mediums such as drawing, painting, pastel, mixed media, ceramics and digital art.

The Student Select Show remains a favorite in the community as it showcases the incredible skill and creative expression of young students. Their work is a reminder of the freshness art can embody and be an inspiration to us all. Students are lead by Middle School instructor Melissa Scherr; High School art instructors Jason Dayton, Shawna Pickenpaugh, and Zach Even.

A public reception will be held next Friday, March 6th from 6-8pm at the Lander Art Center. Lander Art Center openings are free and open to the public. Complimentary drinks and appetizers are provided.

Thank you to this year’s exhibition sponsor Lander Valley Education Foundation for their continued support of this show.

Exhibition on display from February 27 – April 4, 2015

Irish Culture Night Poster 2015

Laramie Dance Center’s Irish Dance Academy Presents “St. Patrick’s Day Irish Night” March 10

FREE Admission, 6:30 PM Gryphon Theatre in the Laramie Plains Civic Center – and YES, there will be BEER to purchase! Come see Laramie’s talented Irish dance community – from six to pushing 60! — performing!


ART IN WY: Karen McLain, Sage Community Art Center & More

artists Jamie Barron & Sonja Caywood

SHERIDAN:  Sagebrush Community Art Center Presents “East Meets West in Wyoming”

Sagebrush Art Center hosts “East Meets West in Wyoming,” paintings by Sonja Caywood & Jamie Barron.  This show features a common theme in two artistic styles:  

Jamie Barron, born in North Dakota, currently resides in New York City, where she earned her MFA in Fine Art.  Barron says of her work: “I like to engage the viewer by using familiar iconography from everyday life experiences such as barns, cows and horses but changing them just so subtle to make one stop and look.  Sometimes using glitter or glazes to create an ethereal image. I find one can easily transplant his or herself into my paintings and remember, dream or reflect. “

Jamie Barron, “Blue Moon Beauties”

Sonja Caywood was born in Sheridan and attended Sheridan College.  Caywood explains: “Raised in a ranching family, I deeply value the land and the livestock of the Bighorn Mountain region.  It’s essential for me to record this vestige of ‘the west,’ as subjects once thought to be permanent fixtures of our landscape disappear.  I strive to express my affection for my subjects in painterly strokes of color with an emphasis on light.”
































Sonja Caywood, “Golden Opportunity”

The exhibition runs October 11th- November 16th at the Sagebrush Art Center (located in the Historic Train Depot, 201 E. 5th St. in Sheridan). An Opening Reception and artists’ talk was held on October 11. This project is supported in part by a grant from the Wyoming Arts Council, through funding from the Wyoming State Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Karen McLain, “Freedom on Top of Mountain”

KAREN MCLAIN:  Capturing the Beauty of Wyoming’s Wild Horses

We appreciate Arizona artist Karen McLain sharing her love of Wyoming and its wild horses with us – she has tireless captured our state and its wildlife in paint and the result is exquisite. The following is a description from Karen of her most recent trek through Wyoming…

This was the fifth summer that I have gone to visit the wild horse ranges, but the first year that I made it to Wyoming. The trip included stops at the Little Book Cliffs, Sand Wash Basin, McCullough Peaks and Pryor Mountain areas.  The beauty of Wyoming was very inspiring and the horses were ones that I wanted to visit for many years. I traveled with my 1972 Shasta trailer, “The Paint Box” and stayed out on the ranges. (Although some areas required truck and tent camping), I had a very comfortable month-long painting adventure.

The McCullough Peaks horses were rugged and handsome, a  classic wild horse. Even tough it was windy, I did get some paintings done while I was there. The range is easy to access and the location as the gateway to Yellowstone is easy for visitors to be able to get to on a day trip.  After spending three nights at McCullough Peaks, I headed up to the Pryor range.  The beauty just blew me away. The open meadows, Tea Cup  and Mystic Waterhole  areas allowed for wonderful photo and video opportunities. It was a real treat to spend time with Cloud and his band. I know I will be back next year.


“McCullough Peaks Paint”

“Fishing Yellowstone”

On the way home to Arizona, I spent a few days in Yellowstone. While I was there, I was able to get two buffalo paintings done, even though I had to move three times while working on one of them. The buffalo clearly had someplace to go!

Wyoming is a painter’s paradise, and I look forward to my next visit!

“Stallion Bunch”

“Wild Rainbow”

Thundered Into Our Hearts”

“When They Got to the Top”