ON THE CALENDAR: October 5, 2012


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OUR SISTER PUBLICATIONS:  Wyoming Weddingshttp://www.wyoweddings.com/ Wyovore  http://www.wyovore.com/ WYO XYhttp://www.wyolifestyle.com/WYOXY/index.html The Wyoming Woman http://www.thewyomingwoman.com/


From 5-9:30 PM at the Museum of the American West (Red Barn and Schoolhouse), enjoy music and lots of fun! Tickets $10, kids 12 & under are free.  Click here!


It’s Fire Prevention Week! Time to make sure you have “two ways out” when it comes to escaping your home in the case of a fire. It’s also a time to thank our Wyoming Fire Departments and Volunteers for all the amazing work that they do! Visit the NFPA website for more information on fire safety — and thanks to the Douglas Volunteer Fire Department for reminding us about the importance of this week!

CASPER:  Paws 2 Help Benefit Auction October 6

Paws2Help Foundation (a Casper 501c3 that helps homeless animals financially with medical care) is having an auction at John Jaap Auctioneers Saturday beginning at 10a on October 6. Click here for the link!

LARAMIE:  Fall Bridal Expo by Wyoming Weddings, October 21

Head to the UW Hilton Conference Center for our Laramie Bridal Expo — Fall Edition! 1-4 PM, with fashion shows by Mountain Valley Bridal and all sorts of information from area wedding professionals. If you’d like a booth, contact us at editor@wyolifestyle.com!

CASPER:  Wyoming Women’s Expo, October 5-6

Head to the Events Center for a great weekend of Wyoming Women’s topics and fun! Visit their website for more details – and be sure to stop by the Table Mountain Vineyards booth and the Wyoming Beef Council’s booth to say hello — and tell them we sent you!


HUNTLEY: Table Mountain Vineyards turns purple!

Harvest season is in the works at Table Mountain Vineyards in Huntley! Click here to check out some images from one of the hardest working companies in Wyoming… And stay tuned to their Facebook page for information on their upcoming TV appearance!


nacho pizza Eight inch pizza crust topped with seasoned chicken or ground beef and a drizzle of nacho cheese sauce, then baked. Garnished with crushed tortilla chips, tomatoes, olives, jalapeños, green onions and sour cream. 8.5

chicken pepperjack pasta Sauteed chicken breast, red bell peppers and sliced mushrooms tossed in a creamy pepperjack cheese sauce and served over cavatappi pasta. Garnished with fresh tomatoes and parsley. Served with your choice of a small garden salad or a cup of soup. 11.

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appetizer special Fried chicken livers tossed with balsamic vinegar and honey and served on micro greens. Paired with blue cheese and crostini. 7.

orange chicken Savory orange chicken breast pan seared with paprika and mustard. Served with creamy mashed potatoes and asparagus. 12.

sirloin special Eight ounce cut of Certified Angus Beef®, rubbed with cumin and garlic and topped with sauteed bell peppers, onions and avocado butter. Served with jalapeno mashed potatoes. 18.

mediterranean pizza Amber ale pizza crust brushed with olive oil and topped with salami, capicola ham, banana peppers, green onions, Greek olives, mozzarella and asiago cheese. Garnished with fresh herbs. 8.5

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Bridal Expo Mania!!!


Well, as is the case with most bridal expos, it snowed. However, we were able to travel easily, so it was okay! What. A. Weekend. Although it’s draining and busy, it’s arguably one of my favorite weekends of the year, business-wise!

We started with a quick trip to Rawlins for some business Thursday night. Met some great folks! Hit the road and headed to Rock Springs, where we had to have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants: Winger’s! We used to have one in Laramie, where I waited tables in college, and we MISS it! We had a great time there — brought back a lot of memories… 🙂 http://www.wingers.info/

We stayed at the Homewood Suites in Rock Springs, which is a co-sponsor for our Sweetwater County Bridal Expo along with First Comes Love Bridal in Rock Springs. WOW. Seriously. Christine Kronz and I discussed how we could quite possibly be content just making that our second residence. 🙂 The staff was so fun to work with, like always. GM Ginny and Sales Director Pam put on quite a show! We had to enjoy our favorite places (IHOP stacks of pancakes, for example), 🙂 but we tried a new place for lunch — Dickey’s Barbeque Pit! Holy COW they are GOOD! We were expecting Keith & Erin Turbitt in that night, so we didn’t eat a big lunch, since we DID have stacks of pancakes at IHOP for breakfast…had to keep our stomachs ready to go out that night… 🙂 We were informed by the staff that we were ‘going to be sorry’ we ordered one sandwich to split. And yup, they were pretty much 100% right on that. 🙂 GOOD. Yummers. Go there. It’s awesome!


Before lunch, we went and visited Bernice, a dear friend from Facebook who lives in Rock Springs. It’s always so neat to get to meet people and put faces and voices with names. Bernice is a very dear lady, and a good friend, and we wished we could have spent more time visiting with her. We had a hiccup with vendor tables that I had to sort out Friday, and we had to keep working on that, so we cut our visit short. I was excited, though, to see her at our expo on Saturday, along with her husband David! What a treat to meet them both — and Bernice even got pictures so we can remember our visit! She is a VERY special lady.

First Comes Love’s super cool owner, Sonya, got to work setting up the staging, balloons, etc. with her hubby Kevin, and their amazing support staff of family and friends. Sonya & I were laughing at how easily things came together this year — even if we did have a hiccup in vendor tables. Part of the excitement! 🙂  They were super organized, so Keith & Erin, Levi & I went to Bitter Creek Brewery for dinner that night…

Bitter Creek Brewing is one of our must-eat places in Rock Springs. Levi really enjoys their brew pub burger, and I’m a classic burger gal. We discovered Keith will find ways to work their creative beer names into the conversation…which dissolved the entire table into laughter more than once. We had entirely TOO much fun!  Levi and Erin highly recommended the Sweetwater Wheat…and the Red Desert Ale too… YUM… http://www.bittercreekbrewing.com/BEER.html

The show Saturday was AWESOME! We had a fantastic turn-out, and great vendors — we are so blessed to work with such amazing people! The hotel was very accommodating, First Comes Love put on a fantastic fashion show, and we greatly enjoyed the event. We’re excited for next year! 🙂

The snow made its appearance as we packed up to leave. It never fails! We were going to take Keith & Erin to Winger’s, but we changed plans and hit the road with snacks to make sure we made it back to Laramie — we had to be in the Laramie Bridal Expo Sunday! We made it back late and drug our tired selves to Altitude in downtown Laramie. Levi & I really enjoy splitting the Garlic Chicken Pizza, and Erin liked the chicken fried steak…Keith had to tempt us with fried cheesecake, which was entirely too delicious. Levi’s favorite beer at Altitude is the 7200 Stout…yes, he has a favorite at all of Wyoming’s breweries. 🙂 Check Altitude out online! http://www.altitudechophouse.com/index.html

We were EXHAUSTED, but mustered up the energy for the Laramie Bridal Expo on Sunday. And of course, it revolved around food as well… 🙂 Yes, we enjoy eating! We introduced Keith & Erin to McAllister’s in Laramie — my absolute favorite there is the orange cranberry club sandwich, and Levi really digs the french dip…and the sweet tea. LOOOOTS of sweet tea. 🙂 Erin was wondering why we had never introduced her to McAllister’s before… 😉 http://www.mcalistersdeli.com/

The Laramie Bridal Expo was AWESOME as always!!! Lori at Dan D Party Corner puts on quite a show. Anne from Ludwig Photography is her co-sponsor, and Lori (surprisingly!) gave me a microphone for a SECOND time — one of these times she is going to learn! 🙂 I got to introduce Kelli Erickson, owner of Mountain Valley Bridal in Laramie, for the fashion shows, and announced door prizes… And discovered just how tricky some names can be…sorry to those names I butchered! We met a LOT of wonderful brides from all over Wyoming and the country — our wedding guide is sure making the rounds this season! We weren’t able to attend the Cody Expo, but David Huber Photography and Pre.Veil Events had them on hand — we heard they flew! Thanks guys! www.wyomingweddingsonline.com

Tonight, we’re tuckered out. But ready to hit the ground again tomorrow, because the printed copies of our newest issue are hitting the streets! Time for distribution trips — more eating — and more blogging! Best of all….more exploring Wyoming! 🙂

‘Til Next Time…I’m going to work off these calories I digested the last few days…(but they were worth it!)

Kati Hime, Editor