Needs of Dubois

A look at Dubois during Day of the Cowboy, posted on Facebook by Dubois Main Street...
A look at Dubois during Day of the Cowboy, posted on Facebook by Dubois Main Street. Click on the image to be connected with Needs of Dubois.

Dubois, WY, by Wind River Country – On Tuesday night, Dec. 30, Dubois Wyoming, in Fremont County, suffered a fire on their Main Street, burning multiple buildings and affecting numerous businesses.

Needs of Dubois (NOD) is now accepting funds to help rebuild the areas affected by the fire. NOD is a volunteer organization with no paid staff and a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit. Donations made to NOD are tax-deductible. Please make checks payable to Needs of Dubois and note ‘Dubois Fire’ in the memo of the check. Send checks to: PO Box 865, Dubois, WY 82513.,, 307-455-3173.

NOD will contact people affected by the fire and have them complete an application for distribution of funds collected. According to NOD’s bylaws, please note that NOD pays service providers directly (i.e. NOD will pay bills of those affected by the fire). Also note that 100% of these donations will go to fire victims; all NOD’s administrative costs come from fundraising activities.

Donations can also be given to the Dubois Volunteer Fire Department or the Fremont County Fire Protection District.

When a crisis affects one of our towns, it affects all of our communities. Please continue to support Dubois during the aftermath of the fire as they clean up and plan to rebuild. We are grateful that there were no personal injuries in the fire.

This is tragic for those businesses involved, however the aftermath of the fire is not impacting travel. Dubois motels and restaurants are open for business, and the snow conditions are excellent for snowmobiling, cross country and back country skiing. The Dubois area local events are being held as planned. Additional visitor information for lodging and activities can be found at:

For additional information, contact the Town of Dubois: 307-455-2345 or Dubois Chamber of Commerce at 307.455.2556 or duboischamber@gmail com.  Special thanks to all the firefighters and emergency personnel who responded to the blaze.

Thanks to Wind River Country for this information & text!