FROM THE PARKS: Free Yellowstone Area Xeriscaping Guides

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Thanks to Smith's in Jackson for being a new distribution point for WLM! Don't forget to say hello to Mitch Alm, Manager of Smith's! Thanks guys!
Thanks to Smith’s in Jackson for being a new distribution point for WLM! Don’t forget to say hello to Mitch Alm, Manager of Smith’s! Thanks guys!

2014_1202_WYLifestyle_web_958_460Free Greater Yellowstone Area Xeriscaping Guide Now Available


As another growing season is beginning, the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee encourages people to be mindful and efficient in their water use and to utilize practices that use less water in their residential or business landscaping. The committee’s Sustainable Operations Subcommittee is now offering a free, illustrated, color booklet entitled “Xeriscape Landscaping in the Greater Yellowstone Area” which includes suggestions for water-conserving plants and landscaping techniques.

“This year’s lower-than-average snow pack across most of the Greater Yellowstone Area has caused renewed interest in water-wise landscaping,” said the booklet’s co-author and project coordinator, Jane Ruchman, Landscape Architect for the Custer Gallatin National Forest. “Decreasing our landscaping water use also decreases the energy required for pumping and distribution.  It’s a win-win approach to landscaping.”

Water and energy conservation is a priority for the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee, a group that is comprised of the Greater Yellowstone Area federal land managers. While some of the West’s great rivers that inspirit and sustain this extraordinary environment originate on federal land in the Greater Yellowstone Area, we all share the responsibility to use our water wisely.

For a free copy of this booklet, call your local Forest Service office on the Custer Gallatin, Shoshone, Bridger-Teton, Caribou-Targhee national forests, or the Madison Ranger District in Ennis. Blake Nursery, which provided valuable assistance in the creation of the guide, also has copies available for the public in the Big Timber area. An electronic copy is posted online at more information, contact Jane Ruchman at (406) 587-6966.