Sometimes…it just clicks

I had a fantastic two days of networking in Casper and Cheyenne — thank you to the new friends and fans alike. I enjoyed some beautiful sunshine in Casper Tuesday, followed by an interview by KCWY 13’s Britni McDonald on Wednesday morning (bright and early!). Blew around Casper, flew to Cheyenne (or at least it felt like that with the wind!), and enjoyed some great folks down there as well.

The thing that hit me, as I journeyed through my days, are the real people out there, making Wyoming what it is. These people are not just the business owners and leaders in our community — they’re also the employees, the stay-at-home parents, the teachers, the children, the seniors, the volunteers…all together, I have observed that we share a similar value — we appreciate the value of PEOPLE.

I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank the wonderful people of Wyoming and those who love Wyoming from around the country and the world — you all make what we do so enjoyable. It’s a joy reporting on your lives and communities, but it’s equally a joy getting out there and meeting everyone face-to-face. What a dream job!

We have many new adventures ahead — please stay tuned as we grow…and connect with us! E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, respond to this blog — and let us know why YOU love Wyoming!

‘Til next time — Here’s a shout out to the great people of Wyoming!

Kati Hime, Editor


Twitter profile: wyolifestylemag