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Girl Scouts Turns 100 — WY Celebrates the Year of the Girl

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Girl Scouts Today:  Today girls have a variety of options at camp, from horseback riding to pottery to rock climbing. This photo was taken at the Outdoors and S’mores camp in Casper, Wyoming, in 2010. Girls learned skills to cook foods over a campfire while enjoying some traditional camp activities, such as s’more making and singing around the campfire.

Who hasn’t heard of Girl Scouts? Generations upon generations of girls and women have experienced the leadership and skills that Girl Scouts teaches.  This legendary organization is celebrating their 100th birthday in 2012, and a fun event is taking place in Billings, MT for Montana and Wyoming Girl Scouts of present and past to celebrate! Stay tuned to our Sprinter issue for some fun images from Wyoming Girl Scouts over the past 100 years!

Girl Scouts of the USA has declared 2012 the Year of the Girl!  During this centennial year, Girl Scouts councils nationwide will celebrate the organization’s 100 years as the premier leadership experience for girls.

Inspired by the trailblazer Juliette Gordon Low launching Girl Scouts in 1912, Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming are hosting a journey through the last century of Girl Scouting.  At special events held throughout the council, girls will be transported to a period in history to experience activities enjoyed by girls of that time.

A celebration was held in Casper in January 2012, where girls were invited to take a trip back to the 1930s and 1940s.  Celebrations will continue throughout the year:  Cody will be held on April 21, where girls will experience life from the 1950s; Missoula, MT on July 13-15, where a campout and activities from 1972-1991, and Cheyenne, featuring a sing-a-long and activities (date TBD).

On March 30-31, the annual Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming (GSMW) will hold a 100th birthday celebration at its annual meeting in Billings!  Visit their website at http://gsmw.org/ for more information!  Congratulations on Girl Scouts and welcome to the Year of the Girl!

Some Girl Scout stories from fans on our Facebook page:

Jana:  “I was a Girl Scout and my Mom was a scout leader…so many cherished memories!!!”

Cat:  “I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout…..it’s an amazing program. It allows the girls to form their own thoughts and opinions along with learning self reliance and independance. Happy 100th Girl Scouts!!!”

Laura:  “Happy 100th! I started in Brownies and received my Gold Award around 1990. Loved my Girl Scout experience”

Susan:  “I was a Girl Scout leader and all three of my girls were Scouts. My oldest daughter acheived her Gold Award.”

Lori:  “Wheatland/Guernsey are having a huge lockin for GS birthday!!!”

Shantelle:  “The Governor will sign the Girl Scout Proclamation this Friday in Cheyenne and then Girl Scouts of all ages will march to the depot. 100 Years!”

Cheryl:  “Yep, I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout–even have my Senior Girl Scout uniform, along with all the “stuff” on the jacket & gold cording, hanging in a closet. Great character building program–I have many fond memories all my gal pals from those long ago days. Thanks for the memories, and Happy 100th Birthday to the Girl Scouts. ♥”

Mary:  “Started with Brownies in the ’50s, got my curved bar in G.S. I still have my book and my sash. My mom was a leader and camp nurse. I was a Brownie then Girl Scout leader and camp counselor for my daughter. Great memories. Sold G.S. cookies for $! a box…that wasn’t discount but the real price ;-)”


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