Life and Times of WLM

The Life & Times of WLM

I have run into many people that want to know about the people behind our publication…for some reason that escapes me, people think that what we do is glamorous. Quite the contrary! We’re ordinary people living ordinary lives, save one thing — an extraordinary opportunity to promote the people, places, lives and times of our great state. I’ve also been one to share the crazy happenings of our family behind the scenes — and some have said that the crazy anecdotes that we experience would make a really interesting column. Well, here you go…the Life & Times of WLM. The craziness behind the scenes that makes us who we are. Not just ME, mind you — our crew, our helpers, our little oddities…we are an interesting bunch. 🙂

And to start off with, I’ll do what I do best — make fun of myself. Many of you may not know that for all the work you see on the front side, I am a Mountain Dew crava-holic, who says ‘so’ too often and chews my gum too loudly (per my husband). 🙂 What many of my friends know is that I am my worst critic….

Case in point yesterday. My hubby was enjoying the new PSP game I got him for his birthday, and I was playing Spider Solitaire on my laptop, attempting to unwind from the day so I could get to sleep. We were sharing the couch, me with my legs stretched up on him and he busy blingy-blingy-blinging away. And this was the conversation:

Me: “Hey guess what — someone told us the magazine is good today!”

Levi (with game clicking and little blingy-blingy sounds happening, eyes never looking up): “Awesome, Honey!”

Then it occurred to me. Why hadn’t I thought of this before?

Me: “Hmmm.”

Levi (blingy-blingy-blingy, eyes glued on game): “Hmmm what?”

Me: “They said ‘good.'”

Levi (blingy blingy blingy…): “Yeah. Good is good.”

Me: “Yeah, but…they didn’t say GREAT.”

Blingy blingy blingy stopped. Silence. I looked up. His left eyebrow was raised and he looked at me with that look that said ‘What did you just say?’

Levi: “Seriously.”

Me: “Yeah, seriously! Good is good, but…great is GREAT.”

Levi: “Ser-i-ously.”

Me: “Well…yeah! Why, what’s wrong with always striving to be better?”

Levi (face turning red and little puff of smoke coming out his ears…to his credit all he simply said was: “Woman, you are killing me.”

Back to blingy blingy blingy…

I thought about that then and again today when I was running…which is my time when my creative juices flow and I think about things in great detail. (Of course, perhaps it is because that is my time when I am childless and have a few minutes to think in peace.) When is GOOD good enough? When am I being too harsh of a critic of myself? As Levi always says, “You have to trust in the product. Trust in yourself.” That’s pretty hard to do sometimes. That’s something that I’m going to add to my to do list — FIND HAPPINESS IN THE GOOD, WHILE STRIVING FOR THE GREAT…

I hope that you all find happiness in your GOOD today while striving for your GREAT moment…and in the meantime, I’m going to work on that exact same thing…while attempting to shun the Mountain Dew habit and keep my gum popping to a minimum… 🙂

Kati Hime