MADE IN WY: Shady Lady Shooting


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This week we are featuring Shady Lady Shooting of Green River, WY

Dottie Nobles, Shady Lady Shooting LLC  260 Hackberry St  Green River, WY 82935   (307) 875-2923

shadyladyshooting@gmail.com   www.shop.shadyladyshooting.com

Dottie Nobles and her daughter won a rifle at a Women’s Sports banquet.  Her daughter called and said, “Mom, I can’t find anything pretty {for my rifle}.”  So, Dottie investigated the market and found there was very little for women available in shooting products. This seemed like a perfect fit for her personally, and the time seemed right.  Dottie has had various businesses in the past, so she went to the Small Business Office in Rock Springs for more information, and Mark Atkinson was terrific.  Dottie put her ideas together, and with time, patience and a lot of input and encouragement from her family, Shady Lady Shooting was born.

The women’s market was and still is pretty much untouched.  Did you know that women’s shooting is the fastest growing sport in America, and in 2011 more women bought guns than men?  Much of what is available is just a pink variation of guys’ stuff, and not always suitable or of good quality.  Dottie is tall and has had difficulty finding hunting, work and other clothes and products that fit.  She was discouraged about having to redo or make do.  She may work like a man, but she doesn’t have to look like one.  Move over guys, the girls are here to stay.

Everything Shady Lady Shooting designs and produces is made from a woman’s perspective for women.  Dottie’s entire family is outdoorsy.  She and her husband have agricultural backgrounds, and all of their children, spouses and grandchildren hunt and shoot.  The girls in the family have had to make do using guys products, clothing etc.  Most of these items just do not translate into girl stuff.  Shady Lady Shooting focuses on what works for us girls, both in the sport field — and, hopefully, in the future they will expand into work wear also.

Shady Lady Shooting can put names on cases, but the business is expanding to the point that there is not a lot of time to put into many custom orders. But on occasion, they can accommodate a special order.  “Usually requests are beyond the scope of what we want to produce,” Dottie says.

Shady Lady Shooting products can be ordered via email at www.shadingladyshooting.com.  Their products are currently also on “I Want USA Made.com.”   Shady Lady Shooting products are also sold wholesale to various stores around the country.  They have been contacted by Amazon and hope to be on Etsy soon.  

The website will soon be having the new AR/AK cases, gaiters and the Brocade Boudoir Pistol Pillows. There are some pictures of these on their Facebook pageThe prices go from $15 to $100. Remember that all Shady Lady Shooting merchandise is made in America. American workers and Shady Lady Shooting stand behind every item they produce.