MADE IN WY: Cowboy Bunk Feed

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This week our spotlight is on Cowboy Feed Bunk of Cheyenne, WY

Dave, Jackie and Chris Canfield, Cowboy Feed Bunk  51 I-25 Service Road  Cheyenne, WY 82003   605-430-4200   jcanfield@cowboyfeedbunk.com  www.cowboyfeedbunk.com

The Canfields are pet lovers who enjoy giving their dogs and cats healthy treats.   They are 4th generation WY ranchers and previously made their treats from their ranch raised beef and chicken.  Since selling their livestock and the ranch a few years ago, the Canfields have not been able to find a pet treat that does not have added ingredients that a lot of us can’t pronounce.   So they started Kritter Kuts all natural pet treats.

Cowboy Feed Bunk’s Kritter Kuts are made from USA (human grade) meats:  chicken breasts, pork loin, beef round and garlic salt, which is specially blended.  Nutritional values are on all their labels.  The Kibbles are in the testing stage now, but the Strips testing is on the attached labels.   A bacon strip product is in the works using thick slices of human grade bacon.

Cowboy Feed Bunk uses only real cuts of human grade meats and garlic salt – nothing else.   No added anything.  Their products are grilled then dried.  Cowboy Feed Bunk’s products are tested for e-Coli, Salmonella and Listeria on a regular basis; all products have tested negative.

Cowboy Feed Bunk’s products can be found on their web site, www.cowboyfeedbunk.com; they currently have a shopping cart for online purchasing, but you can contact them directly.  Products are currently sold wholesale to retailers, and they have a new store on Amazon.com.  The Canfields also attend various trade shows and other markets.

The Chicken Strips are their best seller so far. Product prices range is:  $7.95 – $9.95 per bag.




OUR SISTER PUBLICATIONS:  Wyoming Weddingshttp://www.wyoweddings.com/ Wyovore  http://www.wyovore.com/ WYO  XYhttp://www.wyolifestyle.com/WYOXY/index.html The Wyoming Woman http://www.thewyomingwoman.com/