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We are thrilled to team with the Wyoming Business Council to feature a Wyoming First business every week on our blog! Wyoming First is a program that promotes Wyoming member businesses. Visit their website (click here) to learn more about this service — and if you are a Wyoming business who’s not a member, be sure to inquire about membership! There are many benefits!

This week we are featuring Branding Stove Candles of Arvada, WY

Donna Adamson Branding Stove Candles 628 SE Road  Arvada, WY 82831  307-736-2408

Donna started making candles when a friend of hers started making soy candles.  She was bored producing the same candle every time and then discovered some gel for making candles online and it has just snowballed. For the most part no two Branding Stove Candles are the same; there is variation in all of them.

When Donna first started making candles she chose fragrances she liked.  Now she has about 70 different fragrances.  When someone asks for something specific, she’ll try to find it.  The fragrance is oil specifically made for gel candles.  The polarity of the fragrance MUST be compatible with the gel, otherwise it will and does catch on fire!

Donna has found gel candles are not as clean burning as soy, but the candles will burn twice as long.  Donna can be very creative with the gel because it is clear.  A 26 oz. gel candle will burn approximately 350 hours; a 16 oz. gel candle will burn about 250 hours and a 10 oz. candle will burn about 150 hours.  Branding Stove Candles also burn complete and they offer refills.  You can change the color or scent for half of the original purchase price.

All of Branding Stove Candles are sold in jars.  There are three jars that are all apothecary-like with lids.  Barbed wire or metal cut outs are placed in the jars along with recycled glass and sand.  There are about 65 different Branding Stove Candles designs (all western related).   When you place a custom order for a candle you can pick the size, cut-out or wire, scent and color scheme….the possibilities are endless!

Branding Stove Candles are unique in several ways.  You can have them build a customized candle, or when you have it refilled you can change the scent and color.  Branding Stove Candles is an ecofriendly candle business.  They recycle and they will also refill any jars that have been purchased elsewhere. This is a family business!  Donna’s husband Donnie helps with all of the metal work, her oldest daughter Linzee likes to keep inventory, and her youngest daughter Shaylee helps make the candles.

You can find Branding Stove Candles on Facebook; take a look at the photos and make your choice.  Candles can be ordered by sending a message from the Facebook page, phone or email.  Branding Stove Candles also accepts credit/debit cards. Branding Stove Candles also resells lamp warmers that heat the candle from the top.  They work very well with their candles and illuminate the candle beautifully.

Branding Stove Candles participates in a few major trade shows every year:  National Finals Rodeo, Cowboy Christmas, and the Stetson Country Christmas show, all in Las Vegas. These shows are usually the first full week of December.  They have also had booth space at the High School National Finals in Rock Springs and in Gillette. 

Donna likes to make the candles and would love to make you a Branding Stove Candle.