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Can you help Jordyn? More information on Jordyn follows, sent to us by Britney of Black Dog Animal Rescue in Cheyenne. She is in need of a super loving home!

Hello friends,

I am sending this e-mail today in the hope that you will forward it to all of your friends, family, and co-workers and encourage them to do the same. We have a dog in rescue who has the most sorrowful tale and she really needs to find a loving, forever home.

Jordyn is now a 6 or 7 year old. She still moves around great and has plenty of energy, though she’s not a wild dog at all. We believe she is a boxer and Doberman cross, and she has the softest, most beautiful chestnut fur.

Not because she has behavioral or physical problems, Jordyn has been in and out of the BDAR family for 5 years. She was among the first dogs our program rescued.

The first time she was adopted, Jordyn’s people flew here on their private jet and took her home to leave on a ski resort in MT. We heard from them once when they told us she had been hit by a service vehicle but had recovered satisfactorily.

2 ½ years later, Jordyn was picked up as a stray in Ft.Collins, and traced back to us by her microchip. When we picked her up, it was apparent she had recently undergone major surgery and she was covered in patches of shaved hair and had apparent suture lines all over her body. She looked a little like Frankenstein, all pieced together. When we called the people in MT who had adopted her, we were informed she had been given away some time before. The person they gave her to left us only a voicemail saying she had been attacked by a mountain lion and that they gave her away to someone else afterwards because they didn’t believe they could keep her safe. The shelter in Ft.Collins attempted to contact the 3rd owners who apparently lived there and they explained they had had Jordyn only two days and that while walking her on leash a stray dog approached them and initiated a fight. They were afraid and novice dog owners and decided it was best to “set Jordyn free” on the streets ofFort Collins. No, I am not making this up!

Jordyn came back to BDAR and went back into foster care. She had a long stay, about 6 months. Then last fall, she was adopted again by a local family. This family kept her nearly a year but then returned her when she developed mild urinary incontinence, which is easily maintained by a daily medication that costs next to nothing to purchase.

She went into foster care again. And despite having had a pretty awful life so far, she continues to be an outgoing, friendly dog. But, once again she is facing a move. Jordyn’s foster sibling has taken exception to her and has attacked her on several occasions, warranting at least one trip to the emergency vet. She cannot stay in her foster home as the stress is too much for her and the other dogs.

What Jordyn needs now is an adoptive home. And a really, really good one. This dog needs spoiling rotten, a soft place to lie down, and someone who can overlook her scars and missing teeth.

If you know someone like this who can offer her a great home, please have them contact bdar@bdar.org, or 307-214-6600. Thanks!.

Here is Jordyn’s Petfinder link with pictures. Please share.  http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/20414529

Thank you to all of our animal rescue friends across Wyoming that do such great and selfless work for animals… If you know of someone who can help Jordyn, please contact Britney — or us, and we can forward you onto Britney!