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MADE IN WYOMING: Herbadashery

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This week we are featuring Herbadashery of Casper, WY

Barb & Eli Dichlich, Herbadashery  123 S Fenway  Casper, WY 82601  307-265-0036  800-888-0338

Barb & Eli started the Herbadashery in 1991 as a retirement project. With the help of friends and family, it has become a special place to relax and enjoy the quality products, plants, and catering that has defined who they are.

Although they are a smaller company in size, Herbadashery is big on unique products and customer service.  They strive to help their customers succeed in all of their growing and landscaping projects.  The Herbadashery is a place to visit, rest, and gain new ideas. Good friends once called this “an oasis in Casper.” Herbadashery’s goal is to make their customer’s visit informational and enjoyable.

Over time, some of Herbadashery’s favorite products have been born out of necessity. Such is the story of Pine Ridge products.  Melissa Armstrong, a young mother, living on a ranch in Kaycee, Wyoming, ran out of a brand name BBQ sauce that her family liked. Like so many resourceful ranch folks, she took what she had in her kitchen and put together something she thought might be good. Her family liked it and that was the beginning of Pine Ridge BBQ and Dipping Sauces. Living on a busy ranch, she made the decision to pass on her dream in order to keep up with a growing family.

Herbadashery has used these products in their catering business and sold them in their gift shop for years with great success. In July 2006, Herbadashery purchased the proprietary rights to manufacture Pine Ridge BBQ and Dipping Sauces and Sweet Mustard.  They maintain the exact recipes and procedures in manufacturing these fine products in their FDA kitchen at the Herbadashery in Casper, Wyoming.

Herbadashery’s Pine Ridge products are sold wholesale and retail.  They can be purchased on their web site at, by phone, or purchased in their gift shop.  Their products are also sold in many retail stores, which are listed on their website.  Retail prices for the Pine Ridge BBQ sauce and Dipping sauces can run from $6.95 for 18oz up to $155 for a 5 gallon container.  The Pine Ridge Sweet Mustard pricing is from $4.50 for 12oz to $34.95 for a gallon container.  If you are interested in carrying sauces, contact them directly for wholesale pricing.

Herbadashery is a family business; and when you work for the Herbadashery, you become family.