MADE IN WY: Scrap Tree

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This week we are featuring Scrap Tree Etched Glass Images of Laramie, WY

Scrap Tree LLC dba Scrap Tree Etched Glass Images, Joe Hageman 1305 S 3 Laramie, WY 82070 307-745-5141  scraptree@qwestoffice.net

Decades ago, Joe did custom etching on glass items, such as creating factory original looking etching of window designs in older model cars as well as logos and scenes for cabinet doors.  After becoming licensed to use the trademarked Wyoming logos, Joe decided to start sandblasting those into various glass and metal items.

Scrap Tree Etched Glass Images purchases the glass items, like  wine glasses, mugs, oil lamps, picture frames, pitchers and olive oil decanters, from other companies.   Joe repurposes the liquor decanters for different brands of liquor from local taverns.  Each piece is done one at a time with the Wyoming Bucking Horse and Rider logo.

At this time, Scrap Tree Etched Glass Images only uses the trademarked logos, but the method of displaying the design looks better on different items.  For instance, leaving the Bucking Horse and Rider logo clear with a blast pattern around it looks nicer on the chimneys of oil lamps and on Jack Daniels bottles.  It looks better on wine glasses and Crown Royal bottles if the image itself is the only blasting on the item.  Some are best with several small ones bucking around the item and they can be made to match the customer’s taste. This is also true for the Stainless Flasks and Zippo lighters.

Scrap Tree is the only company to offer this type of sandblasted Wyoming product in so many varied items.

The best way to purchase Scrap Tree etched glass products is to stop into the store.  They have many in stock ready to sell and unique one-of-a-kind items.  They can also ship most items.

The price range is between $9.99 and up depending on the item.  Large picture frames and custom sets of glassware and bar sets are priced on request.

Scrap Tree Etched Glass Images is part of Scrap Tree LLC, which is a scrapbooking and rubber stamping store with a full line of those products, and carries many party items. There is no other store like the Scrap Tree.