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MADE IN WY: Reynolds Farm Products

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This week we are featuring Reynold Farms of Gillette, WY

Debra Reynolds, Reynolds Farm Products  Gillette, WY 82716  307-689-2792  debraer@hotmail.com  www.reynoldsfarmproducts.com

Debra Reynolds has been producing handmade natural health and beauty products for approximately 45 years.  She creates and produces year round and incorporates several different ingredients and techniques.  Debra has moved from the tallow and lard soaps to using vegetable oils and goat milk on most occasions.  Even though she owns Reynolds Farm Products, Debra considers Reynolds Farm Products to be a family owned business since all her family is involved in the end products.  Whether it’s dairy and meat goat management, grassland and feed management, garden bed management or selling – all of the Reynolds family plays an important role.

The sources for the products are mainly natural/organic food grade, sustainable agricultural products.  This includes all oils, goat milk and various garden, herbs, and flowers grown.  Debra also uses as many ingredients as possible that are produced in America.  The goat’s milk that is used never comes from animals that eat weeds.

Each time a new batch of soap is started Debra has in mind a special purpose and type, whether it’s during harvest of the plant materials or for holidays, hunting season, fun novelties or seasonal.  She then creates the bottled skin emollients and solid lotion bars to complete the sets.

Debra considers all of her products to be unique! Small batch-ingredient control is her motto. Ranging from choosing, chopping and burning of hardwoods for ash harvest (lye making), the 35-year-old blood line of our dairy goats, the growing and harvesting of many of the ingredients, the collection of rain water and snow melt used in the products or the use of organic vegetable oils and grains, Debra keeps all her creations as natural as possible while in accordance with government laws.

Reynolds Farm Products contain a high amount of glycerin which is wonderful for the skin. With the combination of goat milk, Debra feels she has created some of the best soap in the world.  Artificial dyes are seldom used.  She uses organic essential plant and flower oils for scents (except four varieties which are fragrance oils and two perfume oils that are clearly marked on the ingredient labels).  Debra also makes her own labels, wraps each bar of soap, creates all skin emollients, fills the bottles and packages the solid lotion bars.  The Kid’s Fun Soaps are 100% natural and contain safe toys which encourage hand washing!

The same care goes into the bottled skin emollients with the exception they are not completely natural due to the fact she must incorporate preservatives (by law) because of the goat milk content.  However, the solid lotion bars are 100% natural. Debra creates unscented varieties of soaps and skin emollients for hunters and skin sensitive individuals, and she always welcome special requests!

The Reynolds family sells the products in various ways.  Reynolds Farm Products can be found at numerous trade and craft shows, art and cultural festivals, and farmers markets in the northern part of Wyoming.

In the Gillette area, products can be found at the Open Door Church Gift Shop (307) 685-8180 located at 111 East 2nd St., Sandy’s Place (307) 685—7226 located at 400 West 2nd St., and The Mane Place (307) 687-2805 located at 203 Carey Ave. Suite 1.  Outside Gillette locations include the Hub Café in Moorcroft and soon to be at the Pit Stop in Moorcroft.   Reynolds Farm Products can also be purchased at the Biddle, MT General Store.


Reynolds Farm Products are modestly priced – especially when the quality is factored into the equation.  The Goat Milk Soaps and Glycerin Soaps are sold by the ounce, which is approximately $1.25 per oz., thus each bar ranges from $4.00 to $5.00.  The bottled Skin Emollients and Solid Lotion Bars are sold the same way, which is approximately $1.50 per oz.  The Novelty and Kid’s Fun Soaps are sold by the unit with prices ranging from $3.75 to $6.00.   All the Reynolds Farm Products already have the sales tax is factored in, so if the tag reads $4.50 then it is $4.50.

Reynolds Farm Products adheres to all governmental regulations, which includes labeling.  All products contain FDA and/or USDA approved ingredients.

Debra takes great pride in producing some of the finest health and beauty products on the market in Wyoming.  With the wholesome goodness of natural/organic agricultural products – who could go wrong?  What’s good for the inside is also good for the outside; so let your skin enjoy Reynolds Farm Products!

BUT WAIT!  Reynolds Farm Products also produces a popcorn product called Outlaw Gourmet Popcorn, “So good it should be outlawed.”  Deb is a bit fruity…..at least with most of her flavors:  Black Cherry, Cranberry, Grape, Lemon Lime, Orange, Peach Mango, Tropical Punch, and then there is Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Caramel, and Maple.  These are just a few of the 36 different flavors.  There are also monthly surprise flavors.

Visit www.reynoldsfarmproducts.com for pictures of many of the products.  Everyone is always welcomed to call or email me at: (307) 689-2792 debraer@hotmail.com.

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