MADE IN WY: Flex Spex


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This week we are featuring Flex Spex of Greybull, WY

Contact:  Marvin Hunt, Flex Spex  340 3rd Ave N  Greybull, WY 82426  307-765-9212

While on a fishing trip, Marvin was attempting to tie on a new fly in a hot fishing section of a river.   He became completely entangled in his reading glasses strap, his sunglasses strap, and the strap on his fly bag.  By the time Marvin disentangled himself, he had floated through one of the best fishing sections, and he thought, “There has to be a better way!”  Marvin went home with a mission: to design reading glasses that worked in an outdoor environment.

Marvin had three goals.  First, he wanted glasses that didn’t hang on his neck. Second, he didn’t want to take off his sunglasses to use his readers.  Third, Marvin wanted his readers to be easily accessible at a moment’s notice.  His solution was Flex Spex reading glasses: a two part visor and sunglass clip-on. In solving that need for himself, Marvin realized that other people also had a need for Flex Spex; they also work great for construction workers wearing caps.

The strengths listed on their website are the only ones offered at this time.  Flex Spex does not take custom orders, but can be ordered online at

They can also be purchased at

  • North Fork Anglers in Cody
  • Rocky Mountain Sports in Casper and Riverton
  • Two Rivers Emporium in Pinedale
  • Platte River Fly Shop in Casper
  • The Sports Lure in Buffalo
  • Fly Shop of the Bighorns in Sheridan
  • Thermopolis Hardware
  • Hasco Industrial Supply in Worland

The price of a pair of Flex Spex is $29.95.  Flex Spex is planning to add a carry case to the glasses around the first of July, so the prices may go up at that time. 


OUR SISTER PUBLICATIONS:  Wyoming Weddings Wyovore WYO  XY The Wyoming Woman