Happy Birthday Yellowstone!

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Image by Cliff Cox Photography — www.cliffcoxphoto.com

Yellowstone National Park turns 140 today! The park was established by President Ulysses S. Grant on March 1, 1872 — the first national park in the world!  It has been enjoyed by generations from across the entire planet — and its majority lies within our own boundaries in Wyoming.  Idaho and Montana also contain portions of the park. The Yellowstone Caldera is the largest supervolcano on the continent, and because of this the ongoing thermal activity makes Yellowstone a site to behold — 60% of the world’s geysers reside in the park, including world renowned Old Faithful.

Many people have memories and stories of Yellowstone National Park, and we’d love to celebrate its birthday today by hearing your stories!  Did you visit as a child? In different seasons?  Do you remember the 1988 Yellowstone fires?  As a child, our family visited the summer after the fires, in 1989.  It was quite the experience!


Please share your stories, photos and memories with us, and we will add them to this blog! Post here, on our Facebook page, our Twitter page (@wyolifestylemag), or email us at editor@wyolifestyle.com!

Happy Birthday Yellowstone — May you live long and wow millions more with your wonders!

Kati Hime, Editor


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Trumpeter Swan Presentation in Jackson

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www.abcbirds.org Image by Alan Wilson

The National Elk Refuge will be hosting its third program in a winter
lunchtime speaker series on Friday,February 24 at 12:30 pm.
The hour–long presentation, which will be held at the Jackson Hole
& Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center at 532 N. Cache Street in
Jackson, will be led by Nongame Biologist Susan Patla from the Wyoming
Game & Fish Department.

Patla has been responsible for the management and monitoring of
wild trumpeter swans in Wyoming since 1999. She also served as
the chairperson of the Greater Yellowstone Trumpeter Swan Working
Group for 10 years. During her presentation, Patla will describe
her work to manage and improve swan habitat and talk about
swan distribution in the state. “Trumpeter swans are one of Wyoming’s
rarest and most magnificent resident birds,” Patla said. “The National
Elk Refuge is one of the best locations in the state to observe
them throughout the year.” Patla will also discuss new grant projects
that create wetlands for nesting swans on private land in partnership
with landowners.
Patla’s presentation is open to the public and free of charge.
Participants may bring a lunch to enjoy during the noon hour talk;
light refreshments will be served. For more information on the program,
please contact the National Elk Refuge administrative offices at 307.733.9212.

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Saratoga Cutter Races 2012

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Image by Reumade Images

Thanks to our friend DJ Anderson for keeping us informed with great events from Saratoga! The annual cutter races were held this past weekend…it’s always a great time!  More info from DJ on cutter racing and some images from this year’s and last year’s event follow…thanks to our friends for keeping us plugged in to great Wyoming information!

Image by Reumade Images

DJ Anderson sent us this information from Star Valley:  Cutter racing had its start in the late 1930’s with two milk wagons barreling away from the Freedom Cheese Factory in a mad dash to see who had the faster team.  This impromptu sport progressed when they dropped the wagon and ran with the front bob to get the faster time.  Cutters became popular during the winter and they began starting races using the ‘Lay 7 Tap’ method.  Cutters with tracks were popular until the 1960’s when wheeled chariots became common with the advent of dirt tracks (vs. the maintenance-intensive snow track). Cutter races were held in many different towns and the track might be the main street, a field or anywhere a track could be marked out.  Starting gates were scarce and were moved from track to track.  For many years, Thayne, WY hosted the cutter races in Star Valley with the gairgrounds in Afton being an alternate race location.  Thayne was known as the home of cutter racing and in 1948 The Racing Club was chartered.  In 1994, thanks to the support of the public and local businesses, the best track int he state of Wyoming is located in Afton.  It is a snow track which is rpetty uncommon now — the races do use wheeled chariots but the track provides a beautiful backdrop.  One can also get better photos than mud flying from a dirt track!

Image by Reumade Images

Learn more about cutter racing in Wyoming via the Wyoming Tourism website, Star Valley Chariot Racing on Facebook, or the Carbon County tourism website! Thanks to DJ Anderson for passing along this great information and photos!

‘Til Next Time…

Kati Hime, Editor


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ART IN WY: Call for Entries at the 2012 Railway Art Show & Sale!


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Thanks to the Arts Alliance of Cheyenne for all that they do to promote the arts in the community and surrounding area! Check out this upcoming event from the Cheyenne Depot Museum, a fabulous place to add to your must-see’s!  Be sure to visit The Cheyenne Depot Museum and their website for more information!

Call For Entries: 2012 Railway Art Show And Sale At The Cheyenne Depot Museum

A special opening preview and reception will be held on May 18 at 7pm for the Railroad Art Show and the much anticipated Union Central & Northern HO scale model at the Cheyenne Depot Museum.
Prospectus Purpose
• To gather and recognize important new contributions to the field of contemporary railway art from around the country.
• To celebrate the cultural heritage of the railroad in America.
• To support the goals of the Cheyenne Depot Museum.
• To make a contribution to the Permanent Collection of the Museum.
Visit the Arts Alliance of Cheyenne’s website for information on their programs and events!
‘Til Next Time…
Kati Hime, Editor
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Check Out the Caddie Shack


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When we were in Casper last Friday, we stopped in at one of Casper’s newest All-American restaurants…the Caddie Shack! Located at the Casper Municipal Golf Course, the restaurant also includes a bar area and a veranda that overlooks both Casper Mountain as well as the greens at the Muni.  We opted for indoor seating since we had our kiddos in tow, and, well, it was late January.  Summer, one of the restaurant’s owners, had promised me their burgers were an experience to be had, and WOW was she right!  Levi and I both chowed down on a flavorful burger that was cooked just to our request, with a nice thick bun that was both unique and filling.  It was a good thing our kids were loving the fries, because they were able to help us finish ours – we were stuffed!  The kids picked hot dogs from the kids’ menu, an item I also noticed on their adult menu as well.  There were many other interesting items, including some tempting salads and soups that would have warmed the cold spot the Wyoming wind had created, but we were feeling rather carnivorous that day.  The Caddie Shack’s burgers do NOT disappoint!

Our server had several tables keeping him busy at once when we arrived, but he still took he time to greet us and invite us to pick a table.  We were able to find a spot with multiple TVs to keep us entertained…golf of course was the channel of choice, which Levi was thrilled with…another screen had Nascar highlights, which kept the kiddos entertained. I noticed on their board that they have a Super Bowl party and other special events coming up — so be sure to stay tuned to their Facebook page and website for more information, as well as their daily specials and yummy soups! Even with the busy atmosphere, our server collected our order and delivered our food in good time.  We always come loaded with special questions when we dine out as we have a few health concerns in our clan — our server was excellent and knowledgeable.  We’re always thankful when a restaurant knows their stuff!

The cool thing about the Caddie Shack is they’re open during the off-season for golfing as well — and they also offer catering services!  For more information, visit their website, Facebook page, or call them at 307-233-6619.  Stop in for lunch and check out their burgers…and see if you can eat a whole one! They are VERY filling!

‘Til Next Time…

Kati Hime, Editor



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Stage Stop Begins!


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All images by Chris Havener

The 2012 International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race (IPSSSDR) starts Friday!  Visit their website at www.wyomingstagestop.org for lots of information, past results and some great images by Chris Havener.  According to the IPSSSDR’s website:  “In 1996 Frank Teasley, with the help of public nurse Jayne Ottman, launched the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race to showcase the beautiful state of Wyoming and to make sled dog racing more accessible to the public. In addition, the race worked to spread the word about the need for childhood immunizations—and each year the race makes a contribution to communities on the race route for childhood immunizations.”

All images by Chris Havener

The 2012 schedule is as follows:

Friday, January 27: Jackson Hole

Saturday, January 28: Travel Day

Sunday, January 29: Lander

Monday, January 30: Pinedale/Cora

Tuesday, January 31: Big Piney/Marbleton

Wednesday, February 1: Alpine

Thursday, February 2: Evanston 1st day of racing

Friday, February 3: Evanston 2nd day of racing

Saturday, February 4: Park City

All images by Chris Havener

Here is the kickoff day’s timeline for events from Jackson!

Timeline race start at Town Square Friday, January 27, 2012:

5:00 Music on the sound system, food and booths

5:00 Storm Show’s 2011 ski/ride film “Action Jackson” playing on the JumboTron

6:00 P.M.  Welcome


7-9 Pedigree Party at Snow King

8  Torchlight Parade

8:30 Fireworks

Please note: START Bus runs every 15 minutes from the Town Square to the corner of Cache and Snow King from 7-8 PM then from 8-9 it runs from Town Square to Snow King Center Bus Stop.

All images by Chris Havener

Time to get mushin’!

‘Til Next Time…

Kati Hime, Editor



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Lander Art Center + Lander Pet Connection Art Fundraiser


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image by LC Bookout

Thanks to the Lander Art Center for sharing this neat event with us! What a fun, community-fueled idea!

The Lander Art Center and the Lander Pet Connection are holding a joint fundraiser in the form of an exhibition from January 27 through February 25, 2012.   The show opens Friday, January 27, 2011 from 6-8 pm.  The opening is free and open to the public; appetizers and drinks are served.

image by Magdalena Escudero-Kane

The exhibition is of artwork inspired by pets and pet ownership created and donated by members of our community.  All artwork will be priced between $50 and $250 and proceeds will be split 50/50 between the Lander Art Center and the Lander Pet Connection.

Although the details of our missions are different, the Lander Art Center and the Lander Pet Connection are both working hard to make Lander an even better place to live.  Expressing one’s self through the creation of art soothes one’s soul similar to spending time with your pet.

image by Asha Reid

Thanks again to the Lander Art Center for sharing this great event — what a fabulous idea!

Kati Hime, Editor



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First Night Casper

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The holidays are upon us! Looking for something to do New Year’s Eve? Check out First Night Casper!  This family-friendly event is organized by the 1224 Club, a Casper community resource built around recovery.  See the paragraph at the bottom of this post for more information on the 1224 Club!

Started in Boston in 1976, the First Night program is a drug- and alcohol-free, family-friendly arts & culture celebration. Today, the program is a licensed event, occurring internationally. The First Night program is held in communities throughout the United States — the closest locations to the Casper program are Fort Collins, CO and Missoula, MT.

The program is simple:  Purchase a button for admission to LOTS of events, entertainment, and fun city-wide!  Buttons cost $10 each for adults; children 5 and under are free with a paying adult.  In Casper, purchase buttons at the Nicolaysen Art Museum, Downtown Development Authority, Messy Moose, Mercer Family Resource Center, Chamber of Commerce and the 1224 Club.  The theme for the First Night program changes annually — this year, the theme is ‘Reflections’.  Buttons have become collector’s items, with new designs and new themes every year — in addition to buttons, First Night Casper will offer logo apparel and other souvenir items for sale.

Once you have your buttons, get ready to have some fun!  Click here to connect with the First Night Casper activity schedule — or visit www.1224club.org and click on the ‘First Night Casper’ link, then the schedule link.  Check out their awesome sponsors while you’re at it! Thanks to Ken Knight Photography who has graciously offered photography services for the evening as well.

The buttons are your admission into the whole series of events — the 10 locations for fun include:  MC Market, 2nd Street Community Area, First United Methodist Church, Yellowstone Garage, WY National Apartments Lobby, The Downtown Grille, Nicolaysen Art Museum, Children’s Theater, The Science Zone and the 1224 Club.  Attendees may visit the locations in any order they wish — allowing them to create their own map to fun for the evening. Each location contains its own form of entertainment — musicians, illusionists, comedians, art galleries, dance performances, theater, play and discovery space for the kids — there is a LOT to take in! Visit food vendors at the 2nd Street Community Area and take part in an inexpensive chili dinner at the First United Methodist Church.  Be sure to check out First Night Casper for a fun and substance-free, culturally-rich event for the entire family!

The 1224 Club was formed almost 20 years ago by a group of nine recovering alcoholics. They derived their unique name from the 12 step programs and the 24 hour a day work that it requires to overcome addiction.  An organization unique to Casper, the community resource is built around recovery from addiction.  While they serve occasionally as a facility for 12 step program meetings, the 1224 Club is not a 12 step program in itself.  The club does not employ counselors, but does provide free resources in a safe and anonymous environment open to all individuals seeking recovery from addiction.  The club also provides its facilities for a wide variety of other addiction groups as well.  The 1224 Club is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) entity, funded primarily by donations and grants through gracious corporations and foundations.  The proceeds from First Night Casper will go to benefit the 1224 Club.  For more information on the organization and the services they provide to the Casper area, visit www.1224club.org.       

Thank you to The 1224 Club for sharing what they do as well as providing such a valuable and welcoming service to the Casper area.  Visit their website to see how you can help, donate and support their service — and be sure to attend First Night Casper for a fun and unique event for the entire family!

‘Til next time…

Kati Hime, Editor


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ART IN WY: Trio’s New Exhibit

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Trio Artists Take Flight in December Group Exhibition to Benefit Teton Raptor Center

Jackson, WY – Just in time for the holidays,Trio Fine Art will be hosting a show inspired by our fine feathered friends.  Entitled “Flight,” the show came about as a result of all four gallery artists’ affinity for birds.  The title reflects not only the subject of the exhibition but the artistic aspirations of the participants: Jennifer L. Hoffman, Lee Carlman Riddell, Kathryn Mapes Turner, and September Vhay.

The gallery will partner with the TetonRaptorCenter(www.tetonraptorcenter.org) for the exhibit; a percentage of all the sales from the exhibition will be donated to the center, and Roger Smith will be on hand at the reception to talk about the RaptorCenter’s activities.  One of the center’s resident birds will also be in attendance.  The show will open on December 8 with a reception from 5-8 PMand will hang through December 31.

From the Artists’ Perspective

Kathryn Mapes Turner, “Her Wingspan”; oil on linen, 24×24″

Kathryn Mapes Turner: “My passion for birds started at a very early age when my father, a trained ornithologist, was rehabilitating raptors in our backyard. In the 1970’s and early 1980’s, the Wyoming Game and Fish would send him bald and golden eagles that had been poisoned or shot by ranchers and it was miraculous to see these magnificent birds reclaim their health over a period of time and then be released in flight.  As a young girl, it gave me a unique opportunity to learn about these birds — study their form and behavior. In art, birds can represent so many things such as strength, lightness, grace, beauty.  I enjoy incorporating the expressive quality of birds in my imagery.”

Jennifer L. Hoffman, “December”; conte & charcoal on davey board, 8×10″

Jennifer L. Hoffman:  “From watching my grandfather building birdfeeders in his basement, to identifying birds at our family cabin, to hiking through the Hawai’ian rainforest in search of endangered native honeycreepers, birds have played an important role in my life for as long as I can remember.   I even met Lee Riddell at a “bird sit” with naturalist Bert Raynes many years back.  I am inspired by the grace, the gesture, the incredible strength and instinctual drive of birds.  I have sketched their forms as long as I’ve been drawing, and they occasionally make appearances in my landscapes.  I’m excited to put more focus on them for this show.  I’m also delighted by the opportunity to support theTetonRaptorCenter.  Not only do they do phenomenal work rehabilitating injured birds, but their dedication to education and community outreach is fantastic.  What a special place to have right here in our little valley.”

Lee Carlman Riddell, “Calliope Hummingbirds, August 2″; oil on linen, 8×6”

Lee Carlman Riddell: Lee Carlman Riddell’s love of birds came from her parents … her Dad planted the flowers that attracted the birds to their yard, and her Mom taught her to recognize the bird’s songs. Recently a Calliope hummingbird nested outside Lee’s studio window and she was able to draw and paint the mother and two chicks as they grew up. She is forever grateful for this time spent with the hummingbird family.  Lee is a long-time supporter of theTetonRaptorCenter. Years ago, when Roger Smith and Margaret Creel cared for injured raptors in their back yard, Lee and her husband Ed would make a contribution so they could buy frozen mice for the birds’ dinners. She is proud of Roger and Margaret and all those who helped make the official home for injured raptors a reality.

September Vhay, “Lavender Mist”; oil on linen, 7.5 x 12″

September Vhay:

“The very idea of birds is a symbol of the soul, representing a passage between the physical and the spiritual. I have had a life long love affair with them which began one summer at the age of fifteen while driving an old truck along a stretch of alfalfa fields.  A curious American Kestrel flew alongside the open drivers window for about fifty yards.  I was awestruck and hooked for life.”

Trio Fine Art is located at 545 N Cache St., across the street from the visitors’ center.  The gallery is open Thursday – Saturday from 12-6 during the run of the exhibition.  For additional information, please visit www.triofineart.com and the artists’ individual websites: www.jlhoffmanfineart.com, www.leeriddell.com, www.turnerfineart.com, and www.vhay.com.

‘Til Next Time…

Kati Hime, Editor


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Halloween in Wyoming!

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It’s Halloween in Wyoming! There are LOTS of fun activities coming up — we have a growing list below that we’ll continue adding to as new info arises, so be sure to post on our Facebook page or email us at editor@wyolifestyle.com with any events that we’ve missed! Thanks to the people that contributed this info!

ROCK SPRINGS:  Halloween Stroll — for children of all ages, family members and pets! Sat., 10/29, 11 AM – 2 PM; Pick up a bag & a map at the Rock Springs Historical Museum, 201 B St., at the start of the Stroll. http://www.rswy.net/egov/docs/1318890034_193634.jpg 

WHEATLAND:  The Younger Brothers Band is playing 10/28 — visit their website for details!

DUBOIS:  Main Street Merchants are planning a Halloween Event for Dubois children, Monday, October 31st. The Spookytown Parade begins at 5 PM, with Carnival Games – Trick or Treat Goodies – dancing to Dave Raines’ Monster Mash Street Band and an old fashioned Hayride. Festivities are planned from 5 until 8 PM.  Visit Dubois’ Main Street website!

JEFFREY CITY:  Costume Party at the Split Rock Bar and Cafe in Jeffrey City. Saturday night, 7PM – prizes for costumes in several categories, lots to eat, drink and be MERRY!

SARATOGA:  Downtown Saratoga/Halloween walk kids cam trick-or-treat at local retail shops… convenient and safe for all! Visit the Saratoga Chamber’s website!


GUERNSEY:  Guernsey trick or treaters can trick or treat at Guernsey’s Treat Street at over 20 businesses from 3:30 until 5:00. The annual Halloween Carnival will be held at Guernsey-Sunrise High School from 6:00 until 8:00. This community event is for everyone and will feature inflatables, games and food. The carnival is sponsored by the Guernsey Lions Club. Platte County Chamber website


JACKSON:  Don’t miss this year’s Haunted Maze!! Everyone loves a “CARN-EVIL”!!!  October 28th, 29th, 30th an 31st from 7-10 pm nightly. Great for kids and adults of all ages. (Unless you scary easily) The cost is $10 per soul and a portion of the proceeds are donated to charity. Located at Amaze’n Jackson Hole, 45 E. Snowking Avenue. (307) 734-0455

JACKSON:  Day of the Dead — Nov. 02, 5:30-8 PM Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church; Contact the Latino Resource Center for more information:  307-734-0333

SHERIDAN:  Sheridan Wesleyan Church is having the annual Family Fall Fun Fest. October 31 5-8 PM Here are some hilights from last year http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzJ0lPp1FVQ Over 1700 guests last year. Free admission, Free pictures Free Candy. Come have some fun with us.  www.Sheridanwesleyan.org

CHEYENNE:  Goblin walk at Paul Smith’s Village in Lions Park — This walk through the gardens is going to be filled with Halloween themed scenes and costumed actors appropriate for children. There will be a pumpkin patch, Shreck, Disney characters, Superheroes, Princesses, moving hallway, fog machines, lights, a mine shaft, pirate cave, and many other attractions. October 27th (5-9pm) and 28th (2-4pm & 5-9pm), 2011 Visit the Cheyenne city website


CHEYENNE:  Haunted Ghost Tours on the Cheyenne Trolley on Oct. 28-30. Tours are at 6:00 and 7:30 pm each night. Tickets are going fast!

CASPER:  Trick or Treat Trail at The Science Zone in Casper Monday night 10/31 4-8pm  Science Zone website


PINEDALE:  Pinedale- Pinedale Aquatic Center’s Annual Haunting. Thurs 7-9 and Friday 6-9. Recommended for ages 8+ $5.00. Fall Festival ages 10 and under Friday 6-8 FREE! Pinedale Aquatic Center


CODY:  If you’re in the CODY area here are some activities: Fri 10/28 party at the Rec Center; downtown trick or treat 4-6 on Halloween; Cody Church of the Nazarene is holding a Family Fall Festival on 10/31 6-8 PM — the Cody Chamber website has an AWESOME calendar!

TORRINGTON & LINGLE:  Ellis’ Harvest Home in Lingle offers a great deal of family fun. Corn maze, corn boxes, hay maze, giant spider web, tomatoe launcher, fresh produce, and of course lots of pumpkins. Call 575-2567 for more details. (By the way, if weather is good Ellis Harvest Home does the maze in the dark w/flashlights!) The Halloween Safety Treat Night happens on 10/31 from 5-6 in downtown Torrington for ‘ghouls & goblins under the age of 12’ 🙂 — accompanied by an adult of course! And the Elks Lodge is holding a haunted house from 10/29-10/31, 5-10 PM; $3 admission! Call 532-2547 for more info! The Goshen County Chamber has an AWESOME website!

LARAMIE:  Scaramie is happening Sat 10/29 from 10-12 in AMAZING Downtown Laramie! Visit the Main Street website!  The Wyoming Union’s Safe Treat happens 10/31 from 4-6 PM (visit their website), and Laramie Physicians for Women & Children is having their open house & trick or treat afternoon on Friday 10/28 from 4-6:30 at their office.  Laramie Film Society is having a special showing of Coraline in 3D, Saturday 7PM!  Visit their website!  Looking for something to do Friday or Saturday? Go to this!! Albany County 4-H to host Haunted Barn Friday, Saturday | Laramie Boomerang

LANDER:  The Asylum is happening in Lander, Wy, fri the 28th, sat. the 29th and sun. the 30th from 7- midnight. The location is 576 Main street and will kick off at 6:30pm at Ace Hardware for a Zombie Walk to the haunted house. (It’s only about a block but zombies are slow….) We will be showing scary movies in the lobby… $5.00 entry fee to The Asylum.

GLENROCK: Halloween Costume Parade is Monday, Oct. 31, at 3:30pm. The parade lines up at the Deer Creek Drug and will parade in the down town area.  The parade is for little kids through the 4th grade.  If you would like to hand out goodies that would be great. Last year we had 40ish kids. Halloween Carnival at the Rec Center from- 4pm-6pm.
Tickets are 25cents each and games cost 1-4 tickets. Visit the Glenrock Chamber on Facebook!

Thanks for all the info! Send us what we’ve missed and we’ll add it! Post on our Facebook page or email editor@wyolifestyle.com — thanks!

Kati Hime, Editor


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WY HUNTING & FISHING: It’s Hopper Time!

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All images copyright and courtesy of Mark Boname Photography

Thanks to Mark Boname of North Platte River Fly Shop in Casper for providing us with our first Wyoming hunting & fishing blog!  Mark has some great input as well as remarkable photography — visit their website or their Facebook page, and give them a call for your Wyoming fishing answers…and THANKS Mark for the blog post and great photos!

It’s that time of year again! If you’re a farmer or rancher, you are probably saying some four letter words under your breath, but if you’re a fisherman you’ve got to love it. The Natrona County Extension Agency is predicting another record infestation of grass hoppers this year. By what I’ve seen so far they’re correct, however it seems that there are pockets around the county where the hopper populations are higher than others. Unfortunately for fisherman this year, in anticipation a lot of property owners below Gray Reef Dam have sprayed and we are not seeing as many hoppers in the upper reaches of the river.

Last year was the first real hopper fly fishing season on the North Platte River since I started guiding in 1987. With the culmination of a high hopper population, high water and windy conditions, fishing hopper patterns along the banks has been unbelievable. Watching 20 inch rainbows rise from nowhere to smash your fly is a more aggressive style of fishing and quite thrilling. Half the time it would scare you to death with a reaction that caused you to take the fly away from them.

Hopper fishing on the North Platte is definitely better done from a boat as you can drift down along the banks and cover more of the water. You can wade fish using hopper patterns, but can only present the pattern for so long over a single piece of water before you will have to move on and find a new stretch of untouched water.  In addition, if you quarter your casts up river you will get better drag free drifts.

High mountain hopper fishing is exceptionally good and usually lags a couple weeks behind what we find down along the valley floors. As with any dry fly, it is best to fish hoppers upstream, casting to pockets and seams and letting the fly drift back to you. Just make sure that you’re stripping enough line so that when it comes back to you and you get a strike, you can set the hook more efficiently.

With the introduction of high density foam into the fly tying arena, a lot of great new hopper patterns are out on the market today. These new patterns are not only more durable, but also float higher and longer without the need for putting fly floating on them. Although the old spun deer hair hoppers like Joe’s Hoppers are still just as effective, I’m noticing the hoppers right now in all different colors and sizes – so don’t worry too much about the color as much as the durability and floatation factor.

For more information about fishing or getting a guide trip for the hopper season please contact us at the Platte River Fly Shop — 307-237-5997,info@wyomingflyfishing.com

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